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Warframe Launcher Not Launching And An Error Update Is Showing Up


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The first problems started yesterday when I went to type my password in..It started telling me that my info was incorrect ..I double checked my email and password and still it told me that my info was incorrect..Then when I clicked on forgot password. The site of warframe was not loading and I reloaded the page but still the page did not load..it loaded only on my phone..then I made a new password but still it told me that my info is incorrect...So then I tried to see the cache of the game and there was like 99 files missing .So I downloaded the missing files..Now the problem is that that the launcher says that its downloading the updates ..and stays like that for a few minutes and when it starts to dowload a message appears saying

" update failed "

"The content servers are temporally unavailable "


Then it keeps repeating itself -_-

. So is anybody having the same problem and can I resolve it ? Ty

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It's a frequent problem nowadays, for me it's usually in the early hours (GMT+1). The game simply says login info incorrect when it cannot contact the server(s) while ERROR_INTERNET_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED seems to be a weird case.

For me, when this particular error pops up, the game doesn't even try to contact the servers at all, no loading, no waiting, the moment I press the button this welcomes me.

I doubt that internet advanced that fast that we don't need grace period at all.


Networking has been the plague of this game and the worst of all of it's bugs - mainly because it's tenacity and the fact that the game is fully online-played (maybe not an M but for sure is an MO game). Actually I rarely notice any positive changes from before the numerous networking patches which is kind of sad. I have numerous friend who had trouble playing before, they could only join me properly (from among their friends and 90% of times their public join/hosting was useless) and while 1 of them now is capable of joining and even hosting (DC still plagues games hosted by that player), the other one can't even log in most of the time. The cases are pretty erratic, they are different for everyone it seems (I got lucky I guess - and through me a lot of others since at least they can play together if I host).


Mostly because this unreliability I still cannot understand why is it that DE refuses to include the options to control networking, hosting etc.

- Option to turn off the "I-hate-it-more-than-anything" host evaluation process that has a knack for choosing the worst possible host, ending the game in DC (I have lost numerous void keys thanks to the "you-don't-host-your-own-key-and-it-dcs-on-13m-so-you-land-in-main-menu-with-key-gone-while-the-others-get-kicked-with-mission-failed").

- A list of availible public (AND friend's) squads for join on the chosen node.

- No more "you-click-the-map-and-matchmaking-starts". Instant action is useless and just an annoyance if it's not reliable... and it is not. You can have a "matchmaking" button somewhere there in case someone wishes to deliberately tear his hair out.

- An option to Host a mission even if there are squads availible.

- Option to switch lobby type (Public, Friends Only, Invite only) even if there are people in it - they are excluded from check even if you set it for Friends Only and they are not on friend list.

- Option to kick players mid-game through voting might be nice but in the lobby you can just recreate your lobby into invite only if you can't ask them nicely to leave. Again, even if it is implemented (kicking mid-game) certain limitations shall be present, for example you must not be able to kick someone after the boss was killed, thus plain robbing him of the reward.

- A list per mission that stores players who were within it and what their loadout at the time of exit was. When a player is DC-d, even if the objective is completed they should be allowed to join back. DE might be working on fixing it but while that might take some time (considering the problem is still present after all this time) and it would be high time addressing the issue properly, the way that can be done instead of hoping for an overall solution... symptomatic treatment or not, it would help a lot and easy the pain when something drops for the others and you can't get your shiny because the game goes and DCs on you. If the loadout is stored you can make sure the players won't exit to change or replenish stuff - whenever they return, they would have the loadout they had when they have left (ammo, health, etc.). They were dead? Poor them. Again, most likely if you DC your character stands in place for a while, dying because of that shouldn't cause problems.

- Upon a player leaving the squad during mission (or on loading screen), sufficient time and rights should be given to that player so they can rejoin even if it's a public game. Many times I have started a mission with friends in public (to fill the last spot or the like) and one of them DC-d thanks to the Host evaluation as usual. Then he couldn't join since Matchmaking already let someone in his place. Abort, recreate etc. One way to bypass the hated Host Evaluation is to host from the inside - good luck hosting from the inside in public. If at least we could change squad type from within the mission, opening, closing the squad for otherp layers at will. I see no problems with that.

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