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Suggestion For The Dark Sectors: Change Of System For The Rail Ownership Bonuses


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Now the tax system with the over the top taxes annoy everyone (except owners of rails I guess)

I won t point fingers neither say "this alliance players are d*uchebags", I was a grunt of eclipse in the days & I know most alliance members have little say in the level of taxes

(On a personal level too, that another taxes my earnings just because he s more interested in PvP than I am irks me, which is not hard, except than the odd duel I couldn t care less about PvP)


Now that this is out of my system, here s my suggestion:

1- do away with taxes

2- the dark sectors' appeal is that they give bonuses to farming ressources/creds/xp. make it so members of the clan/alliance owning the rail gets an even greater bonus at this.I suggest the dark sector bonuses multiplied by 1.5, seems fair


This way would (in my opinion):

1- generate less hate toward alliances/clans owning the rails. taxes & their average level are what make non rail owners rage these days, do away with taxes, do away with rage. win/win is it not?

2- alliances & clan would still gain something owning them, the bonuses I suggest would still make fighting for rails attractive enough for them to fight for them. the coffins of their dojos would still benefit from dark sectors by members' contribution (said players would also have more reasons to fight for rails as these would benefit them personally instead of going in the nebulous clan/alliance's vault)


I m pretty much tired of all the hate we sometimes see on forums (& playing is a way to forget my usual days, I ve got enough taxes to pay in real life already, sigh...)


N.B: go easy on the flames if you don't agree with this, I'm warm enough already

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id like this....itd be a lot more balanced and gives incentives to try to attack rails or own rails


but iono.....i wanna see more improvements to this idea

Improvements like what? giving a clear bonus percentage isn t that easy, I d say that owner of the rail should get the bonuses of the dak sector X 1.5 (seems sufficient)

but I m kinda throwing ideas there, I don t really know what would be fair

Thread is open to suggestions though

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