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Remove The Markers On The Panels When Ships Are In Alarm.


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The markers on the panels are causing some players to stop every few seconds to use them, believing it's an objective marker. It has never been a huge issue for me until I started as a new player on xbox one, every person I have played with insists on stopping to reset the alarm.

Now everyone stops for 10 seconds after(and sometimes during) every firefight, waiting for a the hack to finish. It slows down the gameplay and causes some players to rush away from the others to do it.

It's something so small but when you are bleeding out and someone is right next to you playing the hacking minigame it can have a terrible effect.

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Resetting the alarm is only useful when enemies are too strong or you're trying to have fun with the stealth mechanic.

In both cases, it's normal in terms of gameplay that you search for the panels : they shouldn't appear obviously in the screen and on the map because looking for them is part of the fun.


So I agree with the OP, showing panels too obviously has only a bad effect : it makes new players think that they should reset the alarm.

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