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Trade Chat, More Helpful


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Some times when someone write WTB [item name], I don't remember all mods or parts that I have in my inventory/mod collection so I must to check it out and I don't write to that guy because I know that someone else just writed to him faster.

It would be great to add Item markers on trade chat.

If someone write WTB Frost Prime Helmet and if that item is in the game: Frost Prime Helmet
It will mark letter Frost Prime helmet as a grey or blue letters.

Grey letter = you don't have that item
Blue = you have that item

So if I will see in chat WTB Frost Prime Helmet with blue letters I can immediately write to that guy that i can sell him this part because I know in 100% that I have it. I don't need to check my mod collection or inventory.

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Im all for anything that would improve the trade chat channel. This or even just highlighting the items in the game,




maybe with a hover image of the item/mod. so if someone is selling a mod and you dont know what it is, you could hover over the name and it would show you what it does. this would be better than going to the wiki and looking at it.

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