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Why The Trinity Hate?


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Low rank Blessing still does more than Renewal. And always will.


I hate Trinity, but even I can admit, instant shield/health refill, from all ranges, with no regen time > Renewal, even the reworked one.


EDIT: I made this post before I found out about the Blessing change.

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Well its Trinity ultimate and Trinity is basically made for support not one of Trinity's abilities are meant for damage , Oberon has 3 and 1 support skill. So I like to argue blessing is suppose to be more powerful.

It still is. A global and instant health and shield restore, even if it's only 80%, is still immensely powerful. Throw on additional DR, depending on health.


The fact that people are actually calling Blessing useless is hilarious. If you don't want it, I'll gladly trade Reckoning for it.

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Well its Trinity ultimate and Trinity is basically made for support not one of Trinity's abilities are meant for damage , Oberon has 3 and 1 support skill. So I like to argue blessing is suppose to be more powerful.


OP said he was a better healer.


He was incorrect because of how Blessing works.


I stated why. I know it's her "ultimate" and I know she is a support frame. But thank you for reiterating things I already know. I guess.

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How easy do people want easy to be?

I don't think it's a matter of people wanting things to be easy, it's more a matter of the fact that Trinity is getting nerfed when NO ONE wanted it.  Honestly, I'm getting kinda tired of it myself.  When are they going to start nerfing every other frame?  They should all be the equivalent of a level 1 Excalibur.


Keep in mind I'm not saying that Trinity's nerfs are the equivalent of this, I'm just sick of nerfing in general.


Edit:Just a note, instead of beating the dead horse that is Trinity(As in that she was already fine where she was), how about we get some Nekros buffs?  Have Terrify target everyone like Radial Blind and have Shadows of the Dead last longer and give the ghosts some actual AI...or make it cheaper in terms of energy cost.  Either would be fine.

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This of it like this for Trinity:

1st Power WoL: Useless. No argument here.


2nd Power EV: Amazing. It stuns an enemy, makes that enemy give energy to all your teammates, and also does damage.


3rd Power Link: Good if you want to be a tank-wanna-be Trinity, or if you just need to get out of an area fast and don't have time/energy for Blessing.


4th Power Blessing:

Before major nerf: To op plz nerf.

After Major nerf: Great! It still shows that Trinity is THE medic in the game, and doesn't make everyone just play missions in God mode!

After this nerf: Okay, Trinity still heals, and even with 80% that will heal most/all of their health, just not all of their shields.

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Picking an unranked mod over a maxed mod should never be the optimal choice. Add 25% intensify to your build, and you'll be fine.


Why not, that's a perfectly fine way to min/max.


Also i think you're missing the point with your intensify suggestion, it's not about the amount of healing, a maxed blessing has way longer cool down because of the increase in damage reduction duration.

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Like Reb has stated here, we'll be doing further testing tonight to report more thoughts.


Constructive feedback is appreciated! 


if you want some constructive feedback, though not really about these frames in particular i have some thoughts.


there is some huge discrepancies in frames powers.


for instance i like to solo what i can simply because when you pub games there is always that super-fast commando guy and all you do is spend the entire time chasing after him and not really doing anything. i dont find that very fun most the time.


however, for solo play i feel pigeon holed into certain frames like rhino or loki who have a gimmick to completely avoid enemy damage, especially as i get higher level. yes, you can pull it off with other frames, but the difference is immense. with those two you can basically just go ham the entire time and not care. everyone else is playing "omg i need health orbs that never spawn :( "


also, for end game all i read is people want nova for molecular prime and everyone else is just there for support and crowd control. that just seems off to me. i see why its like that though. you play a mission with a nova and one without a nova and it is a world of difference. also how damage skills in general scale poorly and are mostly worthless in the end so making a damage skill based frame is mostly pointless. so on and so forth.


it would just be nice to be able to pick a frame and play it because you like it, and not feel like i should only pick one of these certain frames to invest in because they are the only ones worth it in the end. 


anyhow, didnt mean to derail the thread, but if they are reading it i just wanted to get that out there. 

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The unranked Blessing thing was dumb, but this is completely the wrong way to resolve it. The whole reason it was more popular unranked because the heal was more spammable, disregarding the damage reduction buff. To counteract that, DE with this change is simply forcing us to take the longer damage reduction buff (and the recast block that comes with it) without making it any more appealing than it was before. It's quite obvious that we want Blessing to be a heal first and anything else second, but DE apparently didn't read it that way. Since they're going to be monitoring in-game and on the forum tonight, I hope they take notice of how backwards a solution this is.

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A higher level of Blessing would mean longer duration as SilentCircle has previously mentioned, sure it will give you more time for the damage reduction buff, but in later stages of the game it would be quite impossible for you to get a nice damage reduction... So you will have to wait for the entire Blessing to end before using Blessing again, which probably by then, your team mate might be down already.


A low level of Blessing would mean that you will probably not get to fully heal your team but being able to use it quite frequently, seems fair in theory but also in later stages of the game, the partial heal will not keep your team going for long, since, if they needed Blessing, they would probably be under rather heavy fire....


A 80% heal, affected by strength mods and does not provide an "over-heal" (Does not go above 100%) is to some extent rather silly in logic as well.


With that said, even with an unranked Blessing and a maxed Intensify you will be able to bring it up to 52% heal per cast.... Better than nothing I guess.

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80% Won`t stop me as a trinity player.


It`s just that power strength scaling has really no incentive for Trinity builds.


The only things that scale (as of now) are:


Well of life - Health drain limit and drain percentage (effects are completely overshadowed by blessing)

Energy vampire - More energy per pulse and all remaining energy is emptied on kill. (100 energy total at max with no bonus power strength)

Blessing - Increases heal amount and does not overcharge health (I`ve just tested it) 


Since you can spam Energy vamp after killing an enemy power strength really isn`t needed. 


Oberon scales well with all mods (range, duration and strength) which all benefit him greatly.


I`m all in for build diversity but there are not enough benefits for running Power strength.


Link could scale with strength inflicting more damage or have more links.

Blessing`s base damage reduction could be increased (Not by a flat amount but by a percentage of the base currently)

So 30% power strength would increase the base damage reduction from 30% to 40% and maxed power strength (129% right?) would bump it to 70%


Heck you can nerf the base damage reduction to make this... I probably wouldn`t care... nah i`d care a little.

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