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How Does Blessing Work Now?





  • Trinity's Blessing now heals 40/50/75/80% health and shields based on Mod rank. The percentage can also be increased by strength mods.



Could someone clarify? If my max shields/health is 100/100 and I'm currently at 10 health do I end up with 70/100 (160 total restored) or 80/90? Should the damage reduction now count the shields restored as well?

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Any idea if a maxed Intensify will make Blessing heal for 100% at rank 2 (additive) or 97.5% (multiplicative)?  I'm only asking since you can use a rank 2 Blessing (75%) and rank 4 Intensify (25%) if it is additive or using a maxed Intensify and leaving Blessing at rank 2 to save a point if it is multiplicative (97.5% is close enough).

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