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The Miter The Good The Bad The Ugly


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The Good: 50% Status Chance highest status chance in the game? High physical Damage. High accuracy and no recoil.

Projectiles can bounce off surfaces meaning you can hit enemies even without innate punch through. 50% Status chance means that you dont have to worry about getting all those status mods on it. If you would like to go for the corrosive build which is highly suggested you wont need all those dual stats mod requiring less forma. However you would probably want to go ahead and forma it twice if you want full potential.

The Bad: No Critical hits at all. W/O Full charge wont do that much damage. Poor Ammo Efficiency. Slow charge time.

The Ugly: No Critical chance meaning it is impossible to get a critical hit with this weapon. Making it  not viable for a crit build. The Charge time is fairly long and if you want to aim you probably want to start charging before aiming. Having to farm Vor and Let Its very annoying to farm these 2 bosses if your doing it solo. Espically with vors annoying balls of fury and lets high armor. It took me around 6 times to get all the parts Not hard but annoying.


Overall: This sawblade weapon is very useful against all enemies do to the status chance. But Again It all depends on your playstyle if you like status chance this is definitely for you. But if you just want to do crit build just level it for the mastery and sell it for 7.5k credits. 

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Moved to a proper section.

Love the new Avatar Himari


Charge time is ok for it since it give Miter's blades innate punch-though about the same that Lanka has.


Going for just raw damage helps I can take my Miter and last up to 30waves in T3 def single shot killing everything.  So it's a decent weapon just needs a slightly bigger damage buff and have a bigger hit box

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I'll just say: is there a need for crit chance? Sure, crits are awesome, but are they really a requeriment? I don't think so, especially on a gun that already has high damage and monstrous status chance. Also, no crit build means more slots and drain for damage, status and fire rate (charge time) mods. Once you take that out, it has very few disadvantages.

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Just remove the charge mechanic and make it really like the unreal tournament, they did that with the flak cannon and bio weapon !


Mitters need explosive discks over that silly charge !

This. Ripper would make for such a fun weapon in warframe honestly, the miter is very lackluster in comparison.

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