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Spectating Whilst Downed And The Lotus.


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Just had a suggestion in regards to the way the game handles spectating. I guess this sort of applies to UI/Sound/etc. too. But yeah, can you make it so the game doesn't do the following:


Basically, when you get downed, if you click on the "Forfeit" button to enable yourself to spectate a player of your choice, the game queues up all notifications that player had received from the beginning of the mission until the point you began spectating. So basically, if you were running a survival...spectating player A would unleash a torrent of Lotus saying, "Trigger the alarm," "Enemies will drop personal life support capsules," "Another life support capsule is available," etc. that keep playing even when you switch players...and I think that queues up their notifications on top of it. If you revive, I believe the notifications keep playing one after another until the queue is emptied.


Also, quite often, if you toggle the mini-map settings whilst spectating, the map will become frozen on your screen at the point you revive. Pressing "M" will not change the map mode and you'll just be stuck with a static map.


Edit: Sorry, I did forget the most important part. (To mention, I'd like the game to stop doing the above behavior.)

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so you die and the lotus chatters until your ears bleed? im going to go ahead and say no on that


Yeah, my original unedited post was incomplete. It was just a description of what already happens. There, it's fixed.


I think he's suggesting that this not happen. Since it's what happens now. And yeah, it's annoying/confusing for sure. Go home Lotus, you are drunk.


Haha, yeah, I noticed that earlier, but sort of got distracted and forgot to get back to add that in. Good catch.

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