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Wts > Big Bulky Female Huras With Lotus Mark

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like the title say..

Name : Atelier
Gender : Female

Type : Huras Kubrow

Print : Lotus imprint
Base color : corpus grey

Body type : bulky & pretty big

also have tiger strip when you change the secondary color

Starting bid : 200p

next bid : 25p


Closed : 1days after last bidder comment

CP : sasanao22 (same in game name & forum name) or you can message me in forum composing a message


For the child



For the Adult



don't comment if you just wanted to spawn hate & troll.

please be polite with each other :)

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If you dont mind I would like to see another screenshot. One on that you can better see the statue of your Kubrow. So preferable a screenshot right out of the "my imprints" screen.

ok will do that after the reset xD i'm currently have something to do..


for the tiger strip


for my imprint page :


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