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Patchwork's Prime Emporium V2 (+ A Trade, Maybe)

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1x Boar Prime Receiver - 2 plat

2x Boltor Prime Stock - 5 plat

1x Burston Prime Barrel - 15 plat

1x Dakra Prime Blueprint - 5 plat

1x Latron Prime Stock - 5 plat


1x Ember Prime Chassis - 5 plat

1x Frost Prime Chassis - 5 plat

1x Mag Prime Blueprint - 5 plat

1x Rhino Prime Systems - 5 plat


So, I need Plat for... reasons. And I don't need these Prime BPs. That's where you come in.

I'll be selling these for a bit under their "average" price on WarframeTrading and here on the forums.

am open for negotiation, however I will only accept platinum and kubrow imprints if they catch my eye.

Please warn me if my prices are way off track.

First come, first served, post here, PM me on forums or (ideally), add me on Steam and I'll get back to you as soon as I can (steamcommunity.com/id/didyourikeit). Don't whisper in-game, I'm very likely to not notice and I'm constantly not online.


And: If anyone has a female Huras imprint, I can trade with you for a female Raksa imprint. I don't want Lotus or any fancy colors, my Raksa is a bulky, green and black one. Feel free to ask for more details in this thread~


PS: 1x Dakra Prime Blueprint "reserved" for user angryan, waiting on his reply. Be mindful I still have one up for grabs besides this one.

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