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Why Do People Consider Shotguns As "noob" Weapons?


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This can be said on multiples genres of games and can be even applied to Warframe Dark Sectors PvP. So why is it that when people who use a shotgun get called out for it being a noob weapon?


Honestly, the shotgun takes the same amount of skill as for any other weapon, its just how the player(s) use it determine how effective it is.


So I ask you on how you feel about the shotgun?



EDIT: So to add-on to this "discussion", shotguns seem to be expressed as:

-Lacking skill which requires little to no accuracy


-1-hit to the point where everyone wants to flock to it.


If you're using a shotgun in PvP, you're target practice to everyone using something that can snipe basically.


But I woudn't call my team-mates noobs if they use it, they just need to carry me till I kill everyone. I am the ADC, Shotguns can be my supports :D as long as they don't feed.

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At least rest easy when I tell you this, any game, nearly any shotgun, and I will. not. hit. with. it.

I can no-scope-point-blank-headshot some sniper rifles, and still come out with a better hit rate than a shotgun in my hand.

I will not, ever, consider anyone using a shotgun as "noob" just because they can effectively use something I can barely use.


I don't really consider Phage a shotgun and I can hit with it well enough, Drakgoon fully charged is also fine enough for me too, but the rest, never. I miss up close, I miss mid range, I can seem to hit long range but...well...shotguns aren't for long ranges. Trust me on this, I held a fully automatic shotgun in a certain game and I miss with it point blank ranges where my rifles score bountiful headshots.

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Players in PvP hate it because they don't like being shot point blank range and dying in 1-2 hits when they have to unload full clips of rifle ammo

Unload full clips of rifle ammo? Meet Kiri, my Karak. A short burst of 3 rounds or so can kill you unless you are using Rhino or Valkyr. Which go ahead I will pour in 30 bullets into your body. (and somehow still not kill T_T)

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