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Major Change Should = Forma Refund/re-Forma


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1) When did Ember enter my post?  She's one of the few frames I have mastered and sold as I find her mostly pointless for end-game content.


2) Just because you only use 2 forma for one frame does not invalidate other builds that use more forma.


3) My point stands that V and D polarity mods are extremely limiting so any balance changes that alter how power strength works can dramatically impact what polarities are needed.


4) My solution only enhances the players' experience as it allows them to learn from previous mistakes and improve as they play instead of penalizing them.

It wasnt about ember, i could spam whole page with builds but i just wanted to ilustrate the point, only reason to put d and v polarity is for blind rage/narrow minded or redirection/steel fiber/vitality and - polarities are safe picks and as presented in that ember build, unless you pack tons of d and v polarities you can work it out no matter what changes they propose with at worst 1 additional forma(didnt yet happen)

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