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Channeling Multiplier


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Nope. The formula is 1 + 0.5 + 0.5 (MX) ; MX = (KB + CC) , where KB = Killing Blow's multiplier and CC is Corrupted Charge's multiplier.


The base is 100%. Channeling adds 50% more damage. Killing Blow adds 120% to that 50% (which is 60% more). 100+50+60=210%


Adding max Corrupted Charge in it would be 100+50+110=260%


EDIT: Added pretty colors.

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ok, thanks for reply.

taking it off again then, channeling is not worth it


Depends on your build. If I am doing a Life Strike build, Killing Blow means I will get 60% more health per hit. It is very useful on weapons with high damage-per-swing potential like the Dakra Prime of Dragon Nikana.


For example: Using Ash with the Dragon Nikana (with Finishing Touch) and Teleport (opening enemies up to a Finisher). I can deal about 25k damage with standard channeling as opposed to 35k damage with Killing Blow. This is also not counting Stealth multipliers, which is an additional 400% damage. Yes, that's 10k damage difference.


I'll take some screenshots for a full loadout and damage numbers in game for you in a bit.


EDIT: Upon testing, I was unable to verify those numbers I provided. Channeling does not appear to affect Finisher or Stealth damage, which to me is silly. In light of this, Killing Blow is only advisable for use with weapons again having a high damage-per-swing when used for Channel-for-effect mods (e.g. Life Strike).



Change killing blow to Berserker. You won't be disappointed.


Fixed that for you. And this is only useful if you are using a crit weapon, like the Dual Zoren/Ichors.

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well, i use this weapon with mirage, with hall of mirrors there are 6 frames meleeing with a 1.3 attack speed, so fair chance to get a crit. And looks like berserker is indeed definitely better than channeling, also wont lose my energy  then.


You are referring to using specific weapons with specific attack speeds on a specific Warframe. In other words, Berserker is not useful in all scenarios over Killing Blow. Each has it's place.

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