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Radial Blind



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They destroyed one of my favorite builds. CC should be reliable. The new Radial Blind is anything but. I guess Excalibur will have to resort to using Radial Javelin on low level missions or trolling with a max duration Slash Dash. 


This update has some good fixes but a lot of terrible, terrible changes. Seriously, DE, promote variety, not cookie--cutter builds and loadouts.

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Since when did rb need a nerf?

It was the only good skill this frame had get real


I do agree that it was his only usefull ability. I do enjoy playing with my Excal for the past few weeks, and even bought the Immortal Skin (which I never did for any other frame). 


Even if I like using this warframe, I consider that it is way too powerfull for 1 CC. You can disable every ennemies in a almost 60m radius for 18 secs, through walls, and can be recast every few seconds. I have to admit it was OP, especially if you have ennemy sense equipped. Not talking about the 4x damage multiplier. 


IMO, it needed a small nerf, but what they have done, and I hope it is just a bug, makes this warframe completely useless now. 


They will fix it, I don't doubt about that. 

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