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Fortitude Mod Missing After Completion Of 24H Alert Mission


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I played through all three Back to School alert missions then went to go fuse my new mods, Blaze was there, got my current one ranked to max with it. Hammershot was there so I used Fusion Cores to max its rank. I was looking for the new Fortitude mod to fuse it into my current rank one Fortitude and there was no new unranked Fortitude mod to be seen.


Another issue I had seemed to be that count down timer after the first five minutes of the survival alert mission, I was looking for the extraction point when I saw it, thinking it would be mission fail if it hit zero. There was no extraction point until after it hit zero, and then the Lotus was bugged out the wazoo. Kept repeating that the operative had just found good stuff, and repeating the longer we stayed the better the reward, as well as stating the lone operative needs us to distract the emeny so they can search in secret, and then telling me extraction is available. It did this even after I finally hit the extraction point, then as I looked at my rewards screen I see my Fortitude Mod. As stated though, I had no new Fortitude Mod to speak of.

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