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The Past, The Present


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For those of you who havent managed to join, it is still possible to do so as the story progresses.


Characters who join can add in on their inventory, dat would help me in improvin de story


I'm also creatin a story relating to dis on fanfiction.net


The character names may be different because I may changed it due to new ideas over de sign up.


  Introduction:  The Plan


  Above the planet of Jupiter, fleets of more than 30 Grineer Galleons and 5 Fomorian-class ships orbit the gaseous planet.  Within the messy corridors of a Fomorian-class ship, Granka, an officer spoke to Tyl Regor.  "We have prepared every gunships to launch on given order, sir." "Good to hear, officer, make sure every troopers are ready for the assault, then direct squad Getha, Setha, and Dreno to infiltrate Alad's ship and download any information, there we can study and intercept and destroy the Corpus everywhere in the system!"


  The officer nodded to that, "Yes sir." as he prepared to leave, just as a hooded figure walked up to the duo.  "Everything ready?" he asked.  The officer saluted, "All done, commander, soldiers ready to attack on your command." The figure slowly nodded and walked away.  "Why does the commander hid his face behind a hood?" the officer asked.  Tyl Regor simply replied, "Only I know why," a smile crept under his mask, "but he won't tell you." he chuckled as he walked away to his office, leaving the Grineer officer baffled.


Tennos who signed up:







Thank you for joinin


Remember Tenno, you can still join to assist these four in the most massive adventure they will have.  Until then, this is unit104 signing out.  Static*

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