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Alert Not Showing


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I am having an issue where alerts are not showing on my nav screen or on the planet associated with them


Time was 10:15 pm EST. Alert was on Reldressal on Phobos. Reward was Sprint Boost.


I had only run 1 mission since logging in, and that was the alert for Fortitude (forgot the planet name).


I saw the alert on my WarDroid app and verified with a clan member that the alert was indeed taking place.


Please see attached screen shots.


Nav screen, no alert showing








System view, no alert





Planet view, no alert







If someone could please look into this, I'd really appreciate it



edit : re-logging fixes the issue, but it would be just *slightly*  better  if they'd just show in the first place :)


edit 2 : I know I have access to the node because I ran the mission and got the mod after submitting this report,

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This occured for CruentusNex and I as well. I had an alert that he did not, for Varro on Ceres, which we both have unlocked. I don't have screenshots, sorry. He didn't relog to see if that fixed it, but he was able to obtain the alert reward by me inviting him and selecting the mission.

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