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Dark Sector Pvp Bugs And Glitches


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I've been playing lots of Dark Sector Conflicts lately. Here is a list of bugs and glitches I found during my play time. I recorded some videos of the bugs found.


I posted this on PvP Feedback section a while ago, but i think i should have posted on the Bugs sections instead so the right people can read it, so here you go.

  • Specters will Block and Shoot at the same time.

By the way, how do they block without their melee weapons equipped? It’s not Reflex Guard because ALL Specters do it. Here you can see this Vauban blocking all shots from 4 players and shooting Paris Prime arrows at us.



  • Permanently Stuck in Bastille’s Slow.

Sometimes you are permanently stuck in Bastille’s Slow Effect.



  • Permanent Weapon and Ability Effect Trail

I don’t know if this can happen with other weapons, but it happened to me twice with the Amprex. After we killed the Specter with the Amprex, the electricity trail connecting me and my teammate became permanent. That happened with Rip Line too, after I killed the Valkyr Specter, I had this Rip Line effect on my character, but it did go away after some time.



  • Shooting and Moving while on Blade Storm

Some Ash players out there might have noticed that you can actually shoot while on Blade Storm, and sometimes you will bug out and be able to move around invincible. (Old bug)


This video shows also show another bug, where the Blade Storm target do the same animation as Ash.



  • Darkened Screen after going through a Doorway.

Sometimes the game bugs when you cross a doorway that separates each of the Solar Rail rooms (It happened to me in the first area transition, and on the second area transition too) and the screen becomes really dark. After the mission ends, the screen goes back to normal.

  • Melee Attacks to downed players (and specters) force Stagger animation.

Sometimes when you melee attack downed players and specters, they are forced into the melee stagger effect. (Can’t Shoot) It’s really awkward, as they get up to perform the animation and then fall down again into the downed state.

  • Terminal cannot be activated after a Host Migration

After a Host Migration, some objectives cannot be activated anymore, there is simply no option to press X, forcing the Attackers to abort the game.

  • UI Freezes after dying

Sometimes when you go down, the whole UI freezes, not even ESC works. You can’t move or do anything (But if you do the glitch that you can stand up while dead, crouch will work lol) can't respawn and can't be revived. The only way is ALT+F4. 

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