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Excalibur was my favorite frame. When I was new, someone told me I should get a new frame as soon as possible and I asked if it'd be okay to stick with Excalibur. His blind was the one thing that set him apart. I'm really sad to see it gone.


I do understand why it was weakened though. Playing it felt pretty cool since you could carry any survival team past the 40 mark just using blind. It was the only ability that I know of that could effectively shut the enemy down. Chances are, it's gonna be used solely as a panic button now. I haven't tested it extensively since the change but if what NeloAngelicus said about strength is true, it won't be a very effective panic button.

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I feel that it's a good thing... only enemies that can see it being blinded is more realistic but I know it doesn't have to be xD


This game is about as unrealistic as it gets. We're space ninjas. Enough said.


When you make a CC skill unreliable, you effectively make it worthless. What if Rhino Stomp only put 5 enemies in statis? Which of course are the Corrupted Lancers tickling your shields and not the 5xlvl60 Heavy Gunners emptying their clips into your health bar (which is now at 0 in less than 2 seconds). Or what about Vortex? 50/50 chance that the enemy decides to just ignore the nearby blackhole and OHKO the cryopod. DE, please, reverse this Radial Blind change. 

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