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Dakra P: Using Reach In Place Of Spoiled Strike



So I had this in mind when using the Crimson Dervish stance. Since it's mostly AOE attacks and less forward momentum, and the fact that it gives 3x damage multiplier, I was thinking of using Reach instead of Spoiled Strike so that I can hit farther enemies, especially in front of me. This is due to Spoiled Strike reduces the attack speed and Crimson Dervish is already a quite slow stance. How will be the damage reduction? Is it really significant?


Yay or nay?

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Hmm, if I were to use reach (which I am sometimes tempted to do but have not lately), I am not sure I would sub out Spoiled Strike - which tends to be one of my more major go-to melee mods. Are you so wed to all your other mod slots that Spoiled Strike is the only one that you consider expendable?


If so, then I say try it out (if it allows you to hit more targets, you might be getting more dps overall on certain mission types that are rife with mobs, like t4 surv post 30 minutes).  

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Spoiled Strike will double your base damage (it's +100% damage), and the speed deduction is covered by Fury and then some. The increase is especially noticeable because Elemental mods scale off of your weapon's damage after Pressure Point and Spoiled Strike are applied. So naturally you'll lose out on damage if you use elements too.


I believe most people don't often use Reach for longswords because they don't scale as well as, say a Galatine/Gram.After all, Reach (and basically every other mod) scale off of the base attributes of your weapon. In this case, the length of it.


If you find more success with Reach and find Spoiled Strike to make it way too slow, then go for it.


That's what the mod system is there for. You can make any build you want and no one can force you otherwise.

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I assume you are using Pressure Point and Fury:



Spoiled Strike increases base physical melee dmg by +100%, which is +65% after Pressure Point.

It also reduces melee attack speed by 20%, which after Fury, comes to about a 15% drop in attack rate.


Combining these values, you have 1.65 x 0.85 = 1.4, Spoiled Strike increases your damage output by roughly 40% over not using it. Since Crimson Dervish is a slow stance, I would find that attack speed crippling, and would rather add either a third elemental mod (sharing a type with a previous one) or Reach, which I find helps massively with crowd control.


That said, I would not run Dakra Dervish for pure crowd control, and would actually run Bo Prime / Clashing Forest for its wide sweeping main combo.

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