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Torid Cloud Tick Bugs


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1: If you are the host, and suck enemies into vortex and then shoot, the clouds apply properly. However, if you are not the host, the clouds do not apply their ticks to the vortex targets. This hurts the Torid's usability, as vauban is the greatest natural synergy of course.

2: Also, shooting things directly seems to have largely stopped dealing damage to surrounding targets properly. I think it might have to do with the small explosion not penetrating the target's body, meaning the aoe plummets to one enemy if you do hit someone directly.

3: Sometimes, shooting a vortex full of infested including multiple ancients causes tremendous lag as the game is flooded with zeroes. This has only happened to me a few times though. 

Side note: I recently picked up the Torid, and I think its a very, very effective, very fun, very unique weapon. You hit the sweet spot DE! If at least the first two of these could be fixed, I think you'd be bringing it all home; the Torid will truly stand on its own.

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