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Periodic Lag Spikes Since Today's Update.


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Ever since the update today, I've been experiencing periodic lag spikes which seem to occur once every 5-10 seconds momentarily before things speed up/move faster than normal to catch up and then lag again. Makes me sort of dizzy/feel like I'm drunk. Very difficult to play. The behavior occurs in the Liset and during loading screens as well as in-mission.



If necessary, I can try taking a video of the behavior, but it's not going to show much more than I've already described.



Note: I've noticed a lot of posts about FPS drops, etc. And the FPS counter was not reflecting a drop in FPS either in general or during the lag episodes.

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After U14.6.1, I started getting accompanying FPS drops. Game is almost unplayable. FPS varies from 60, down to ~15 and back again.


DX11, Vsync is on, borderless fullscreen (1920x1080), SMAA, everything on/high, except motion blur, bloom, color correction and constant weapon trail are off.

ATI Radeon 6970HD 2GB video card.


Hopefully this'll get fixed soon. As it is, I'm only hopping on to do the "good" alerts and then not playing anymore because the lag sort of makes me dizzy. :P

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Same here, started playing again with U14 and Performance is not satisfying.

I'm playing with max. settings + vSync on 1920x1200 and FPS counter shows solid 60, though there are drops and the game just does not run smooth anymore, lagging every few steps. 


CPU: i5 4670K

GPU: GiBy GTX780

OS: Win 8.1 x64


Edit: Installed 340.82 Driver today, runs super-smooth again. Though PhysX can't be activated (maybe the version is too new), so I can't say if the drops are caused by PhysX.


Edit #2: Restarted PC today, PhysX is activated now and everything works perfectly.

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