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U14.6 Perfomance Issue


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FPS in Liset went down from 120 to 30.


EDIT: It's 30 near the arsenal, 40-60 near the navigation console and 55-70 when standing on the ramp.


EDIT 2: FPS during missions varies anywhere from 30 to 70.

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Noticed that kind of fps drop after yesterday's hotfix - or whatever it was that the launcher downloaded. The thing that fixed the "nightmare mode" of special alerts also broke the performance.


The game went from stable 120fps to to jumps similar to those OP described.

During missions I noticed that fps drops drastically to 37-40 even in some areas - especially... when looking at the ceilings in some area, orokin generators in defense missions, STAIRS, sometimes when looking back for some insane reason.

Interestingly the problem with fps drops seems to disappear when I aim down the sights.


This is definite in-game issue - I checked with other games and noticed no performance changes. I hope it will be fixed soon.

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Same here i was about 95% stable at 59 fps , i have a limiter on to counteract the v-sync lag , but since 14.6 my frame rate is all over the place.

On missions turning between a couple of degrees can sometimes literally half the frame rate.

This seems like a v-sync + reflections and physics problem as in my arsenal when ever i try and spin my warframe to see the physics fro ma sayandana the frame rate drops by 15 , it used to not be affected at all.

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