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Tantalizing Insanity


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Heyo all. Friendlies, gamers, and those who are just plain crazy, welcome to Insanity! I'm a friendly dude in search of peeps to hang with, maybe even play with on other games if ya want :P

And just so I'm clear, everyone's welcome! Every Tenno should have a family or Dojo to go to :)


So far I've built my Dojo with my figurative two hands on my own; with a little help here and there, and I noticed it gets freakin' lonely in space! xD

Which is why I'm here recruitin' friendlies, and crazies alike, to game with future buddies and have fun!


Labs are completed, research is underway and I've begun building the second floor where the Trading Post and future Dueling hall(s), and other cool stuff shall be. (Prolly more floors in the future)



Haven't made a finished product, already finished a few but I'm taking ideas since I feel this should be everyone's clan :)


Need Help?

Here in Madness we help one another, so if ya need help just ask! I'll give ya a hand if I can be of assistance. Be it helping a new player understand everything or just grinding with a squad, I'm your Ninja! :3



I'll be hosting Void and Vault runs every now and again, so join our group or just ask me when one's being held. I'll be posting when the event's being held in the MoTD if ye don't feel like joinin' the group.

Since I don't wanna start rambling; like I normally do, I'll be in-game most days so spot me a pm. Or post here if you're interested in joining this mad family :P

IGN: SmilingJester
Rank: 4 (Optional)
Favorite color of fruit: SHENANIGANS and Mountain Dew :3

Group Up and Goin'
Here's da link to the Steam Group, join so you can get word about planned events and the like.



I can only speak and read English ( I know ASL but... Screens :P ) and live in the US, so keep that in mind.

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