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[Request] Update Blessing Tooltip.


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Going to keep it civil despite the fact the Devs should be getting yelled at. Simple enough; If you're going to nerf a class into the ground, at least do your due diligence, and update the information on said class. Blessing's Tooltip hasn't been changed since it was nerfed the first time, and needs to actually have relevant information. 


* Still says 'Damage immunity', instead of non existent 'Damage Reduction'.  


* Still says 'Restores Health and Shields', with no mention of it being percentile based. New players could confuse this as either Flat, or if they saw the old useful Trinity, total.


* Still needs a mention that heals can not be recast while the 'Damage Reduction' is still in effect, making it the on;y skill in the game with a pseudo-cooldown.  

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