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Fusing Ui Improvement


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Its good and intuitive overall, but there is still the old problem (which arose when all the cores got stacked view and not addressed yet) - you cant gradually upgrade a mod to a rank you want, you either max or play a silly guessing game using specified number of cores re-trying many times till you get the right number.


Should be totally easy to solve making autolevel to a specified rank: ei when you click on a button it asks if you want the mod maxed or just a +1 rank up (or lets you chose how many ranks you want to fuse up) 

Or better yet gives you a visual scale where you click the  rank dots on the mod and it auto-levels to that. 



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Likely the best way to have both mods is say click to add/remove one from the stack, while-shift click to add/remove a selected number from the stack (or vice versa), as per usual left click being add, and right click remove the mod from the fusion.


Alternativly it could be left click to add one and right click to get the multi-quantity (or vice versa) while shift click removes one/multiple.


Sure this would mostly only work for keyboard and mouse but could work for controllers as well by having the jump button or better yet a trigger/bumper as a "shift" modifier.



New players will find it extreemly hard to figure out how many mods are needed to rank up things (and the different fusion contributions from rarity and polarity matching and direct duplicates) without looking at the Wiki about Fusion

Sure adding one mod at a time was a bit cumbersome once you got over rank 5, but it did actually teach us how many mods you needed to rank each level on the mod itself.

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