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Channeling Stats Should Be A Weapon Variable.


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So I just noticed today that Channeling Cost and Channeling Damage have been added to the Arsenal UI for melee weapons (that, or I never noticed it before), confirming the costs of what we know to be true in regards to channeling.


This now raises a tantalizing possibility when it comes to melee weapons: make Channeling damage and costs a variable stat among weapons; much like how weapon damage, critical damage, critical chance, status etc. are all different between weapons, Channeling cost and damage can also be made to be different between weapons, so some weapons can become more viable with channeling builds than others. For instance, maybe give Heavy weapons like the Galatine a much higher Channeling damage multiplier to perhaps 2x or 2.5x, or give fast weapons like the Dual Zoren much lower melee channeling costs.  

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