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Nightmare Missions, Enemy Eximus And Enemy Ambush - Ideas


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Hello fellow Tenno and DE guys. I decide to bring some ideas to you.


- Nightmare Mode:


Ok, the Nightmare Mode are a challenge to some players, but to other it's like another normal mission. Example: No Mana Mode. While you can't use your skills or Channeling Damage for melee, you still have a option to use a powerfull primary/secondary and carry the mission without problems (before you say something, I keep in mind that some players have good gears to deal with Nightmare while others don't, and some Warframes have advanges in some modes.).


My idea about Nightmare are a really "Nightmare Version" of the mission. How?


Let's use the Survival as example. In this (let's call Challenge Mode") Challenge Mode version of the Survival, the players are keep in a single large room (like the defense tilesets), or something like a tower-like tile with some levels, and have to survive in this room as long as possible. Life Support? The LS would spawn in the room's levels and you have to go by stairs or parkour to active (all systems off, no elevators). The enemys? Spawn points around the room, like the currently defense missions. Why are you here?


Lotus: "Tenno, our enemys trapped we here and shut down the oxygen systems. They trying to keep us here while we run out of energy. Hold on, I'll send Life Support Capsules your way". Or something like that.


The Extraction would become avaible during a period of time. It's open at 4:00 and then closes at 6:00, so the players have 2 minutes to run to extraction. Why? Lotus again: "Tenno, the enemys have closed all doors, but I find a extraction point. I can't hold the systems for much long, so run to extract or wait while I find another way to escape.". After this, if you want to extract, you have to wait the 9:00-11:00 extract window to go away. But in a single room, 2 minutes to extract? Yep, let's say Lotus find a extraction. It's on the 11F or the 7F of the room/tower and you have to confront all this levels of enemys to extract.


Another example:


- Defense/Mobile Defense Challenge Mode


Not so different of the current Defense Mission, but with the Cryopod out of your reach. Or replace the pod with a Rescue target. Let's use the Rescue target as placeholder.


Lotus: "We find the location of an civil ally surrounded by enemys. Protect the target until reiforcements arrive". 


The Defense Target can have a Lato for self-defense, or another secondary like that. Or even Castanas (joking). Now you have to confront waves of enemys that are here to kill the target.


In the Mobile Defense you have to escort the target to extraction while the enemys try to shoot you down. You know, it's a "Mobile" Defense after all, why not protect a "mobile" target?


Now about the Enemy Eximus units:


The Eximus are a strong version of some unit, with some buffs, ok? So I got an idea about they role. 


The Eximus would spawn very rarely, and surrounded with the normal version of his units. The Crewman Eximus can appear with 4 or 5 normal Crewman guys to protect the Eximus, or the Eximus could have a more defensive/support behavior, not the current "hi I'm the Eximus guy and you won't take me down, so I'm going to hugh you befor... *headshot*" or something like that. To place some price on the Eximus head, they can garanted drop a mod of his drop table, like Corrupted Vor. And for those who thing "let's farm Eximus and get more mods know", the Codex guys at least know how rare are to find some units to complete the PokéCodex.


Enemy Ambush/Stealth Enemy Squad:


I like to see some units that know that we are trying to kill they, and they try to get some cover, it's nice and all, but you know that you gonna kill that guys. Specially in Exterminate. The Exterminate have all the enemys with marks on the map, so where's the deal with find the guys?


A Stealth/Ambush Squad. They are the guys that you NEED to find to kill before get killed (or not). A squad with coordinated enemys that don't appear on minimap even in Exterminate. And by the "Stealth" I mean that they don't make noises and always try to take you down before you noticed they are around you, not that they are invinsible units (or maybe yes, I don't know).


Let's say that you finished the Exterminate and are going to extract. The enemy numbers hit 47/47, so you can go away. You reach the extraction point, but suddenly you take a hit of some Grineer with a shield that are covering a Heavy Gunner. The number of units on this squad will be determined by the number of players in the cell for example. You can ignore the guys and go away without kill they. The Lotus detected 47 of 47 enemys down, she don't know about the Stealth/Ambush squad waiting at the exit.


Well, I don't have all the details about all the game modes, it's just an idea. If DE like it, they will make the details.






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