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Quick Thinking Constant Staggering / Stun Bug


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I'll copy this from the "Players helping Players" section


There is something I have been wondering about with Quick Thinking, this isn't related to the changes/bug from U14.6.0.


I've noticed that when you reach 2HP, your warframe has a kind of stagger/knockback effect. 

I am aware of that, it is kind of an alarm that tells you when Quick Thinking starts applying.


But apparently it acts differently on different frames.

I was playing with Valkyr and Nekros, I got stagger as soon as I reach 2HP, once, then I could run for cover.

But when I tried on Saryn, as soon as I reach 2HP, she keeps getting staggered on every hit , so it is kind of constant stagger where you can't really move or get into cover.


And by the way, I am running energy siphon and not rejuvenation.


I ask some other people on the forum, and some people have the same problem with this constant stun, so I added a post here. 


Thank you for looking into that.


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Not sure what causes it but I have noticed it myself. I believe it may be chance based whether it applies but naturally more guns means more stagger. It interests me you say you haven't had an issue with it on Nekros as that is the main place i suffer from it, particularly against void heavy gunners (the reason i believe it to be chance based).


I guess if it is indeed healing causing the HP to go back up and then down again causing it to retrigger the stun that may explain why it could stunlock me on my Nekros. The interesting thing is however I would have had no way to reach any of the orbs, definitely no rejuvenation as I solo.

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afaik this is a bug related the slash proc.

Since if you have 2 hp, the proc will immediately disappear because it drains mana. But because the proc then disappears, the enemy can also instantly apply the proc again, which basically means you are constantly getting the proc slash applied to you, which triggers its animation over and over and over and over, leaving you in a permanent stunlock.

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Yeah I noticed this too, when I use nekros he gets staggered every 3-5hits but if i use valkyr she just brushes it off like nothing. Maybe its related to how powerful the enemy hit was and how tough is your armor. I run valkyr with max steelfiber so it may mean that the damage is mitigated through her tough armor making it so that she doesn't stagger, unlike nekros who has squishy armor so he gets staggered a lot.

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I do understand if you pick up health orbs then you get stun, it is normal. But I was doing solo, (I have a Dash polarity so no way I can messed up with rejuvenation. ) with Saryn so no way I would have had that many red orbs next to me and my HP was at 2HP constant. The thing with Nekros is, since he is a bit more squishy, I tend to run for cover as soon as I reach 2HP. Saryn is a bit tankier so I still stay in the middle of the crowd to see what happens. 

And getting stunlock for like 5 to 10 sec is very annoying, it is like playing fighting arcade games. ^^

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