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Venus Boss "jackal" Help Needed.



OK so is it just me who finds jackal one-shoting the sh*t outta me everyone in my squad, I can't deal any damage to him his shield seems to have and insane recharge rate which is what causes me to deal no total damage. There was this one time I had a squad of 4 people and he started shooting homing missiles where if they didn't hit you directly they exploded close enough to kill me and all my team-mates at once.


Is this a bug? my Excalibur is level 21 and I'm rank 2 if that helps.



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Ah, there is a tactic to kill that piece of scrap metal, shoot it's legs's.

That way it gets downed and is vulnerable, also try to go whit guys on your level.

As if for example I were to join your squad in that mission (I know I can't but for example) the difficulty and level will be larger.


EDIT: Tenno'd 

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Shot his leg, this will knock him down for some time.

Then shot his torso, as his shields are down.




Also increase amount of your shields and health, if you have problem surviving his attacks.



If Jackal shoot missiles, seek cover quickly behind pillars.


Both of the above are very important tips for Jackal.


If you have access to the Glaive or even a Kestrel, the old way I used to beat Jackal was to throw the glaive at its leg to knock it down, then shoot my rifle at the torso when it is down, reload, and repeat.


Jackal is also best fought in a group with other people when starting off.


Good luck to you.

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It's not a bug, Jackal is punishing until you know how to deal with him.  The replies above have mentioned how to hurt him and the missiles, but maybe a bit more can help:


Try to stay close to it - IIRC Jackal fires homing missiles when you're further away, his other attacks are easier to avoid.

Do not cluster - if your team is spread out, not all the missiles are going in one place if he does fire them

Kill the minelaying drones - preferably before they fill the world with even more hurt


Hopefully this should prevent insta-death, especially if you can hurt him at the same time

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My own tactic is kinda the opposite of Void_Soldier's

(I'm not saying that yours doesn't work buddy, no worries).


I tend to stay far away, moving from pillar to pillar.

Missiles are medium range, stomp is close range.

Only long range attack is the machine gun which does not do much.


So like everyone said:

Shoot the legs.

When down, shoot the head.

When he's getting up, run further away to next pillar while reloading.


That's how I got him down.


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