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Lecta Frontal Stealth Attack Does Mediocre To No Damage.


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So I just got the lecta and tried it with my valkyr. The first thing I did was to test how powerful the stealth attack was on it as of all the melee weapons i first use.


The Lecta only has a max lifestrike mod an a max jolt.


Picture of stealth attack coming from behind:








Ok, It did 1k of damage which is actually not bad.



Next was the frontal stealth attack:









Ok, Now it did no damage what so ever, but sometimes it does 200 damage though most of the time it just face-plants the enemy dealing no damage.


I find the Lecta fun but that massive flaw really grinds my gears.


There is a lot of melee weapons out there that deals zero stealth attacks or are bugged in some way, I like melee a lot after melee 2.0 but bugs like this ruin it for me.


Anyway please fix it a little and thanks for reading.



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