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Free Math Tutor Lessons (For Any Warframe Forum Member)


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Since I find myself getting bored so easily (after all, I can do so much school-course and self-study mathematics), I had an idea: 


Why not help other members in Warframe with their mathematics questions (for free) (ala math tutor)?


And thus, the idea grew up. So, if you happen to have any mathematics questions that you may not know how to do, just send them to me, either by posting it in this thread, or messaging me. 


Stuff that I know in mathematics (will expand over time as I continue on with self-studying and school work) (so that I would hopefully not receive a question I do not know how to do): 


- Curve sketching

- Trigonometry and Circles

- Differentiation (Fundamental and Applications)

- Integration (Fundamental and Applications)

- Matrices (but I may need to revise on it a bit more)

- Binomial Theorem

- Statistics and Probability (for Probability, Poisson/Binomial/Normal/Geometric distributions)

- Mathematical induction (very fun topic)

- Curve approximation techniques (Taylor series, Maclaurin series, Monomial basis, Lagrange basis [but still a bit shaky on that])

- Complex numbers (a little bit, continuing with revising it)

- Vectors (a little bit, continuing with revising it)

- Series (Arithmetic and Geometric)

- Permutations and Combinations


So, yet again, fire away with your math questions!

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Never thought I'd come here for Calc help but I might as well be productive. For vectors, what exactly does the cross product of two vectors and the dot product of two vectors do/mean?

I still need to understand those two things, so it may take some time. 


You and your damn math. Might as well make use of your generosity, what's the formula for calculating the volume of a sphere?

Volume of a sphere: (4/3)π(r^3), where r = radius. 


And if you need a proof, I can show it through volumes of revolution. 

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