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What Are Kubrow Imprints Really Worth?



So after spending hours in trade chat, asking people things, and trying to use common sense to figure out how much kubrows with particular colors, patterns, and breeds are worth all I've come up with is nobody really knows. people will say anywhere from 50 platinum too over 400 at auction for very similar kubrows.


I've gathered that lotus patterns are worth more and that some breeds are worth more then others but I've never see a standard or a normal price for any pattern, color, or breed.


My main questions are...


How much is the lotus pattern worth?

How much is each breed worth?

How much is the patterns worth?

How much is size and build of the kubrow worth?


I know that it varies between buyers but I just want to know some basic standard of what a kubrow is worth. 

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Lotus pattern depends how much the buyer is willing to pay but its around 50-300p.

Breed as far i I know doesn't impact much of the price but nowadays sunikas are the one worth the most.

Lotus pattern being the most expensive, the others should be around 20p-50p.

Again it depends how much the buyer is willing to pay but tall ones cost the highest not sure how much it's worth tho.

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People kinda set their own prices, or set a minimum at the very least. It mostly depends on how much the buyer is willing to pay, which can be a lot at times. Then there are sellers that demand really high amounts and might find a poor soul crazy enough to pay for it while they could've found one for cheaper.


I mostly see Kubrows with Lotus fur pattern go for 200p and if they have a rare color it goes up quite a bit higher.


There isn't much difference in the value of the breeds, but atm Sunika seems to be more wanted, therefor more valuable then the other three. Sahasa seems to be the least wanted.


Build works kinda the same way as breed. Athletic and Bulky seems to be the most wanted while Skinny is barely wanted.


Height doesn't get carried over in imprints so it doesn't matter. Though many don't seem to know this.

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