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Angstrum And Plasma Sword - Some Weird Glitches


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The Angstrum suffers from an interesting game mechanic hiccup that is based on it's charge attack;

If you repeatedly click the fire button fast enough... you actually never fire a single shot. Sure, it works like a charm when you only do a single click, it charges automatically to a third, and releases the initial shot. I just wonder if it would work better when doing the following;


If you hit the shoot button, the rocket is instantly fired out, with its usual airborne delay. Of course you need to wait your RoF time until it fires again. For the charge, you're not putting the charge circle into thirds but half it. So you charge half (the same time it requires to charge the previous third) and if you release there, you'll be firing two shots. If you complete the circle, it fires off all 3 projectiles.

Technically, this would improve it's damage output as you start out with shot 1 and not shot 0. If that is too much, base damage can be tweaked down to compensate for it.

This change should not impact extra clip size, as the regular firing mechanic is already capable of coping with that, so that would remain untouched.

I just find the delay a bit arbitrary and would much rather see the shot instantly fired. It doesn't feel as fluid.


Now, with the Plasma Sword I find it weird that it's spin attack momentum and distance covered is almost as slow as a heavy weapon - so practically useless - even though it is a regular single blade sword. I'm not sure if that is related to it's slow attack speed ranking at 0.7... because the Skana as a 0.8 weapon swooshes and flies like a charm, and it's attacks are also considerably faster. Perhaps it is a rounding error and the Skana is actually more on the 0.84 while Plasma Sword is down at 0.66

Still, it feels so incredibly... lumbering and heavy when doing spin attacks, as if it wanted to be a heavy weapon, like the old Gram skin was nothing but a scaled up version of the Plasma Sword.


Now that I wrote this, I won't be needing the Angstrum as a reminder in my inventory any more to write down my thoughts and can safely sell it.

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