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Your Nekros Mesh Is Missing A Face Or Two...


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Dear DE,


Your Nekros mesh is either missing a face from each arm or it has an inverted normal and back-face culling (or whatever it is you call it) is removing it from sight.


Plus, there is a spot there (with the question mark) where it seems the texture file isn't doing it's job.



A Concerned Player


PS: Attached is a screenshot of the problem.



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Looks like Nekros' model is flawed in more ways than that.




The textures resolution is far too low, which becomes very apparent with dark colors in contrast to the random non-colorable whitish areas.


And in some places textures are applied plain wrong, looking particularly ugly:





There are some other problems (the really weird positions of holsters, for example), but the faulty texturing is what hurts my eyes most.

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