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Couple weeks ago game pops lost connection to server right on extraction and i got booted to login screen, i didn't get my reward from that alert after relog check. The game still play fine with the host even disconnected to main server itself.

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I disconnect pretty often and here's a tip that I found out about.

If you disconnect and the message that you disconnect pops up DON'T CLICK ON IT YET.

Simply wait for your connection to start working again, Once it does now click OK. Warframe updates to servers after you click on it, if you aren't connected you get booted out to login screen, If you are then you get booted back to liset with all the Survival rewards.

Note: this ONLY applies to Survival mission no other mission gives out rewards during the mission you can keep even on failure, A disconnect will be treated like a mission failed but since Survival lets you keep the rewards you obtained so far even on failures, you can keep them when you disconnect as long as you are connected when you click the OK button.

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