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Swaping Melee Mods Will Crash Game


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   I got this last night too and tried again a couple times with the same result. I sent in a support ticket with my EE log. I couldn't take a WF screenshot, Steam screenshot or use the Print Screen button to show what was going on. Had to ctrl+Alt+delete to get out. it was a bummer. 



EDIT: Thank you, [DE]Rebecca |


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Same problem, swapping melee mod to another slot always freeze the game and End Task popout later, this crash never detected by crash reporter and i already ran game launcher verifier problem still presist.


I believe the problem started since U14.6.


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Reposting what I posted in another thread on this issue:




This bug appears to happen when you start with two elements on a melee weapon and switch to having two different elements. Thus, the bug can be avoided as follows:


1. Enter the mod screen and remove all elemental mods.


2. Exit to the loadout screen, thus setting the mod configuration to contain no elemental mods on that weapon.


3. Re-enter the mod screen and enter the mod combination that you want.


This is less than optimal, but will help until the bug gets fixed.

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