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I Found De's Tiny Explosive Barrel


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There it is, boys and girls. Hidden cleverly on a corpus ship sits this miniature exploding barrel. How did I find it, you ask? well it was no simple task. I dared to go where no Tenno has gone before. However, I will share this secret with you.


First, locate this room. (I found it on a Venus Exterminate)




Then, Super Mario Jump your way up this wall and crate.




Once you're up here, go through that green door to find the tiny explosive barrel.. But be warned, the dangers beyond this door are unfathomable.




You have now seen what DE has hidden from us all this time! The one thing in Warframe thought never to be found, The elusive tiny exploding barrel. The final remnant of the old war.


Now I ask you, DE... Why have you hidden this treasure from us all along? Did you think we would just never know? Was keeping us in the dark worth it? Now you have to answer for your actions, right here, to all of us. We deserve the truth.


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Dude, I LOVE your Nyx color theme.  Is that the standard skin, or immortal?


Very awesome.  And that's a Lex prime on the hip there?  Or is that something else?

Its the immortial skin. The blues are from the infested color pack, Im glad you like it. And that is indeed the lex prime

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