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A Way To View Warframes And Items


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there needs to be a way to plug my warframes, weapons, and my companions into a three D plain so i can get a better view of the item then the arsenal tab or the codex.

they do not do the game justice on being able to actually see your items and decorate them appropriately and in actuality is very frustrating to get a good angle to which i can see how they look or how im painting them.

the light on the arsenal viewer is so damn bright and the angles of certain views make it impossible sometimes to see what you are doing. the codex sways to much sometimes and can get out of focus with the warframe right in front of the weapon.

if you want a three d camera perspective of the items do something like the dudes at RE (resident evil) did where it was you in full control of the camera changing the focus X,Y, and Z axis on the model in question.

also give us some kind of white room or maybe a work bench that places the weapon model on the table which a control of the brightness factor so we have a flat unmoving unangular surface to which we can color our weapons/warframes/companions.

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