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Loadout Slots



Just wondering if the loadout slots are working as expected.


When I was on mastery rank zero I had the 1 loadout slot in use and no spares. If I tried to swtich slots it actually told me I have -1 spare.


When I got to mastery rank 2 it told me I had unlocked another slot but that took me up to zero spare.


I needed to get to astery rank 4 before I had 2 total slots available.


Is that how it is meant to work?

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You get one every two mastery ranks so with 17 beeing the highest mastery rank you can abtain 8 in total right now.

So technically you would unlock your first loadout slot at mastery 2, but you need at least one loadout slot at mastery 0, so mastery 2 isn't actually giving you one and mastery 4 would be your second slot. I think it is meant to work this way.

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