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Administrator Privileges Required To Set Firewall Rules. This Wasent Fixed?


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Before anyone says it, I know there are other topics on this. But sense they seem to be either from last year or were seemingly dead topics, Im gonna bloody well start a new one(and if you dont like it then tough).


I used to play warframe last year. You see, my computer died from a hard-drive problem so I was gone from the face of internet games for a good long while. When I got back(with a new computer) I didnt try to play warframe for a few months, but a friend of mine on steam got the game so im trying(and failing) to play warframe again. But it just wont work. I always get the message  "Administrator privileges required to set firewall rules" But that doesnt make sense because my account is the admin of this computer. Also I have forwarded my ports, made exceptions in my firewalls, turned off my firewalls, uninstalled and tried to reinstall with the launcher from this website(which failed immediately), reinstalled with steam and iv probably done more then all that iv just been trying to get this working for 3 days straight so ill ask for your forgiveness if I cant remember all the BS iv tried to do to fix this.


I thought this was a problem with my computer. But seeing as how a bunch of other users have had this problem im going to assume its not my computer, its a problem on the games/servers side.  I have looked through every topic about this, i have looked at [DE]Glens "Firewall problems" topic and nothing anywhere fixs the "Administrator privileges required to set firewall rules" problem that I am having.


I would like someone to help me fix this, and am going to admit that this has really mad me angry, to the point where I want to physically hurt someone. I have wasted 4 days on this problem(1 day downloading and 3 trying to get it to work) and if I cant get this problem solved soon then im just gonna straight up abandon this game because its not worth getting this worked up. 


So please for the love of what ever god you pray to just tell me what I need to do.

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