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Pandia: The Forgotten Daughter Of The Moon


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Since the dawn of the Earth, the Moon has always hidden its dark side.


This time is no more.


 This is a preliminary concept. Designs are to become more intricate and detailed in the near future, provided there is good reception.



Warframe namesake: Pandia is the daughter of Selene (Moon) in Greek Mythology, and was scarcely talked about, for she represented the hidden side of the moon.


Front and rear preliminary view, showcasing a static hood design, as well as dimmed lights on the suit.


Pandia showcases a dim color scheme to exhibit the solace of her attitude. She is equally adept at playing solo as she is playing with a squad.




Pandia currently exhibits three powers, each resulting in manipulation of enemy movement/strategy. No statistics are presented, as I would like this concept to be fully fleshed out by the developers...they know best!



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