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Trading Issue?



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If you are trying to trade the last version of a precept or ability mod, the game will restrict you from doing so. The same as if you tried to sell it.

I think he means if you try to sell your *last* copy, then the game will prevent you. This is to stop players accidentally trading off their last percepts and later realise they don't have a copy to run on their frames.

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I know I only have one and want to sale it.


And that's why you can't sell it.


They act the same way as warframe ability mods, which can only be sold if you have more than one copy of the mod.

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Is this a new feature? I bought a Sanctuary mod once and ended up selling it without having a another. Just sold me only Jagged Edge (before U14) and there wasn't a problem.


It has been like this for sometime. You could have simply sold it when it was temporarily broken.


And Jagged Edge isn't an ability mod, so you can sell that just fine.

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