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Compiled Comments On Each Warframe [Long - Indepth]


Hey guys, decided to compile some comments on this forum into one giant post. Need someone with Banshee/Ember/Trinity to chime in as I've yet to play those frames. If you have a contradicting opinion on one of the below comments post below and I'll add it in, so long as its based on your actual gameplay opinion, not just 'well I feel that it would be like this if I ever actually played this frame'.


Well, time to see if the forum has a word limit per post! :D [WALL OF TEXT INCOMING]


Compiled Comments regarding use of individual warframes:




Pros: Basically he's like a tougher Loki with more health and armor, with more direct damage abilities but fewer tricks. It's a more straightforward offensive playstyle than Loki, actually less complex. But I like that. The fact Loki has no direct damage in his powers is sort of a turn-off for me, though I eventually intend to play him to 30 anyway in the forseeable future.


Cons: Unlike Loki, Ash becomes TOTALLY invisible when you cloak, as in you can't even see yourself. I find it a bit disorienting to use. I hope this is just a temporary thing and he gets new graphics. His invisibility lasts shorter than Loki, though it costs less energy. Shuriken is pretty useless, though it's almost definite that the power will be changed in the future.


Credit: Acyl








Excalibur (Prime)

Good all-rounder warframe, have to say the "good for new players" thing is a bit misleading.


It has a quick getaway/damage move (slash dash), a very efficient means of crowd control that can disable a large number of enemies for a long time (radial blind), a super jump ability which is very situational and can be both a waste of precious mod space and a saviour at times, and a (mostly) insta-kill aoe ulti that works wonders on bosses when combined with Mag's bullet attractor. He's very solid.


Average speed, energy, durability. It's very flexible in terms of mods, you can put emphasis on anything you like and it still performs just "fine". I don't think he really has any cons, per-se, beyond the fact Excalibur encourages you to play close-up in-your-face with the enemy, but his 'oh crap, stop attacking me' power, Radial Blind, is less effective than hitting Invisibility/Smokescreen or Iron Skin/Link


Credit: Acyl, krc86




I've been playing Frost for quite a while and it's great as a party support frame once your party encounters a tricky situation like a huge group of tough mobs or when fighting a boss.


Two words: Snow Globe. That skill is literally what determines the longevity of your squad's lifespan when facing overwhelming defensive missions or boss battles. However, while Snow Globe is affected by Continuity (duration increase), it isn't affected by Reach. You can really stretch out the use of the Snow Globe for an insanely long time by using it in conjunction with one or more Energy Siphons. The only problem if if you end up trapping a boss inside the Snow Globe, everyone is forced to go inside to get a shot at the boss which can prove to have disastrous consequences.


Avalanche should only be used on weak/mid level mobs and it's usefulness quickly diminishes later on. Many mobs also have high resistance towards it which makes it less desirable to use. Additionally, while Frost is invincible and affected mobs are frozen during the spell, the Frost himself cannot move which makes Snow Globe a better choice when you need time for resurrection.


Freeze is nice in that it freezes enemies for 10 seconds but once it takes a single point of health damage (meaning you can drain all of an enemy's shields safely), it unfreezes thus making it difficult to use when you want to resurrect a team mate while everyone is shooting at the same powerful enemy.


Ice Wave: Don't even. It's relatively weak and it travels straight meaning it will not ascend or descend depending on if there is a slope on the terrain or not.

Credit: Mentosftw




Depending on your playstyle this guy can be frantically fun with its excellent trolling capabilities or a very dry one, since it has no direct damage abilities.


Its skills revolve around crowd control and complement each other nicely. With Decoy, you can either create a breathing room for yourself (and your teammates ofc) or use it as a lure to pack mobs together for warframes with aoe finisher moves in your group.


Switch teleport is a very interesting one. This can be used in combination with Decoy to get around those long walks and huge gaps, or to get to higher ground quicker. You can put your decoy on weirdest places, then switch teleport with it, and then switch teleport with a problematic enemy to take him out of the scene (stacking toxic ancients on top of those huge containers on defense maps is a funny sight). Can also be used to pull a dying group member out of harm's way to be revived, or swapping places with an enemy to cover distances quicker (or mid-air while falling into that furnace in the Grineer asteroid base map).


Invisibility has both offensive and defensive uses. I don't suppose the "defensive" one needs any further explaining other than the name of the skill. On the other hand, your melee attacks, including your critical hits (regular hits will display in yellow numbers and criticals will show up as red numbers), will do double damage while invisible so this most likely makes Loki the highest burst damage warframe (along with Ash) with decently ranked & modded melee weapons. Get ready to spam your shift key when it's over though, since Loki is very squishy.


Radial Disarm seems like a niche ability which I haven't had much experience with. When used around grineer, they pull out baton sticks and chase you with them. I have never used it on Corpus or Infected yet, but from what I've read, it kills infected chargers instantly, "disarms" ancients making them unable to use their tentacle-arm-thingy attack and removes walkers & runners' legs.


Loki is made of paper, has high energy pool and is the fastest warframe. I prefer to use mods that sport higher energy levels in one way or another (streamline, flow, continuity), since this is a very ability dependent warframe. You would enjoy playing Loki if complex solutions to simple problems sounds fun to you. It somehow does to me :)


Credit: krc86




Mag has a pull, works offensively and defensively by pulling enemies or teammates. Mag has Bullet attractor, works offensively by increasing dps to major targets and offensively by preventing them from shooting during its effect. Mag has the ability to steal shields from an enemy, or give them to an ally. Mag's ultimate damage dealer is also an AoE stun/suspend, which can be used defensively while a teammate revives, hacks a panel, or escapes.


Shield Polarize

Shield Polarize is 350 damage at max rank, making it somewhat useful for heavily shielded bosses and heavy units, but especially useful for melee builds, as the innate armor pierce of charge attacks has no benefit against shields - however a charge attack or two still does about the same amount as this 50 energy ability. Draining a shield of a gunner and pulling it to your feet, with a melee build, usually results in a kill before they can do their knockdown. You could also do this with any ranged weapon, although you'll take more damage.


The best utility for Shield Polarize comes from the GIFTING of shields to friendly targets. Can be really helpful with boss fights, but is incredibly hard to use with no shield indicator for friendly players. Upcoming UI updates (I hope) will help make this much more useful and easier to use in the future.


Of note, Shield Polarize can be used to give shields to Defense targets, giving it some damage protection while you're running towards the enemies hitting it. I have also seen it grant health to a defense target, but I'm fairly certain this was a glitch.


I would only bring Shield Polarize on defense missions or certain boss levels.



Pull at first seems lackluster, and the range is good enough at base rank that it never needs to be updated, IMO. Currently it's use against shield Grineer is lackluster, as you can headshot the shield guys while standing right in front of them. If they get updated to hold their shields a little higher this situational skill will become much more useful.


Pull can also be used to move friendly teammates out of dangerous situations - even if they're downed. You can pull a teammate behind cover and then revive them. You can also pull teammates through laser walls, up onto crates while staggerd, out of crawler stuns, and towards the extraction if they're slow/being stubborn/being loot @#&*(s.


Bullet Attractor

Currently not worth the points on the frame or the energy spent to cast it. The only practical use atm is to prevent the mob it is casted on from using ranged attacks, which you can also do simply by moving into melee range. Using this ability on a boss or heavy unit will actually DECREASE the damage done to it, as it is no longer possible to get headshots.


This ability needs to be hotfixed to either focus the attracted bullets towards critical locations (this may make it too powerful) or ONLY attract bullets that are going to miss the target, thus allowing headshots to occur. Currently as it stands, even hitting a headshot 1/3 times and missing 2/3rds is better than 3 body shots on bosses/armored targets.


Edit: Oh, forgot this. Bullet Attractor + Excalibur's Radial Javelin activated within the attraction field = 12k armor ignoring damage to bosses. Pretty awesome, but requires more coordination than many pugs have. Playing with a group with an Excal makes this ability a priority for boss fights.



This is one of the best ultimates, IMO. It ignores cover, goes through walls, does great damage to targets, and stuns and lifts them for the duration of the attack, reducing incoming damage (not sure if you’re invul while casting or not) and allowing teammates to focus heavies for stunlock-kills. I'm also not sure if it either hits a limited number of targets or if targets running into the area of influence after it's been casted are immune. If the former, the number of targets is quite large, the latter possibly all ultis work like this. Although teammates can steal kills, that's their fault, not the ability’s. It’s basically a combination of Rhino and Volts Ultis, but isn’t ineffective against Ancients and IMO is better than both.


Base Stats

Mag also is tied for the highest base shield capacity making redirection/fast deflection more effective than some other support units. While the base power pool is the more default 100, Streamline is generally more beneficial than Flow anyways and you generally don't need to get two ultis off in a row.


Credit: Darzk




Pros: Absolute best crowd control in the game, pretty nice movement speed. Absorb is a great 'oh crap' button when you're about to die; not on the level of Iron Skin and Link, but still not too bad. Nyx makes defense missions, and especially Infested defense missions, real easy. 


Cons: Her powers aren't great against bosses. Mind Control doesn't work on bosses. Chaos does, but Chaos actually makes it so an enemy attacks the closest thing to them - which may be another enemy, or it may be a player.


Credit: Acyl




Not much to be said, really. Pretty straightforward juggernaut warframe.


His abilities aren't much useful when not upgraded, especially "Rhino Charge" comes out as a "Rhino Stumble" at levels 0 and 1, but when upgraded to 2 or 3 it's a very convenient way to glide across huge gaps and would be used get out of blindspots - had you really needed that as a Rhino, but you don't. Because you've got Iron Skin, which is an instant god-mode for a good 5-10-15 seconds. So this is usually how Rhino plays: Pop Iron Skin -> Rhino Charge into a cluster of enemies -> Erase anything and everything swinging your hammer/axe/dual swords -> Clean up the leftovers with your shotgun. Never gets old. Very good at soloing bosses too.


His other two abilities (Radial Blast and Rhino Stomp) are both aoe disablers with negligible damage output (perhaps they are fine at higher levels but I never bothered tbh), but why disable the mobs where you can just follow the formula above and get rid of them for good? I never feel the need to use those 3rd an 4h abilities.


VERY slow (you certainly aren't rushing any bosses with this warframe), VERY durable (high armor & shields), has small energy  pool. I tend to work on his strengths when picking mods (meaning defensive ones & continuity). You might like Rhino if you enjoy an in-your-face type of gameplay, rarely ever resulting to guns.


Credit: krc86


Pros: Rhino's got Iron Skin for invincibility, but that alone isn't a big deal for you because you already have Trinity, with Link. Rhino does have Rhino Stomp, though, which is a nice AoE crowd-control.


Cons: He's the slowest warframe. Slow, slow. Though you can mitigate this with Rush mods and if you're good at rapid movement tricks (slide, jump-slide, wallrun-jump-slide, etc). Rhino Charge and Radial Blast aren't very good powers. They're okay. Not great.


Credit: Acyl




Pros: Moult is pretty awesome. Unlike Loki's decoy, it now lasts until it's destroyed (it has its own health), and otherwise has no time limit. That's good in some situations. You can also use it as temporary armor for yourself, if you don't move out of the Moult shell once it's cast - enemies will hit the Moult hitpoints and not you. Contagion actually isn't bad now, if you're forced into melee damage. It adds...maybe 60% extra damage per weapon melee hit? Something like that. Miasma's a standard good 'kill everything around me NOW' AoE.


Cons: Saryn moves slow, but if you have Trinity you're already used to the slower warframes. Venom doesn't really work that well as a power, though it has its uses. Basically even with the last buff, the AoE poison spreading is hard to successfully trigger and might not be worth it. You can stack Venom on bosses, though, and the DoT will prevent their shields from recovering. 


Credit: Acyl





The Wiki has a great description of all the abilities and their uses.




Pros: Speed is very useful in catching up with teammates - or if you like rushing missions yourself. He has a wide and versatile range of abilities, from offense to defense, even light crowd control with Shock.


Cons: Electric Shield's defense is only useful against enemies you're engaging at range - certainly not melee ones. I feel he's not really the best of anything, just a jack-of-all-trades. That's not a bad thing, but almost everything that Volt does, others do better.


Credit: Acyl


Shock is nearly useless, doing subpar damage for the cost and stumbling instead of properly stunning. The damage is reduced further when chaining to multiple targets, making that facet of the ability actually a negative.


Speed is useful for crossing large rooms and gaps, and is also a good dps booster when paired with a heavy weapon. It increases the charge speed of your weapon drastically, granting a huge dps boost, although it is difficult to control properly.


Electric Shield is buggy atm, and often blocks your shots as well as incoming fire. The conversion to electric damage is only of benefit against Corpus, otherwise a dps loss. Good in highly specific arenas, such as the jackal/hyena boss, otherwise leave it at home for the extra mod points/slot.


Overload is the bread and butter of Volt. Affected by reach and focus, it has the potential for the highest radius of any damaging ability in the game, depending on the level type and area you activate it. It also has =to or greater damage/target than any other AoE. Volt also has an optional helmet that will increase the damage done further. The tradeoff is that it wont effect Ancient Infested, but it will clear out the rest of the room.


Volt`s base stats tie him for the highest shield rating in the game, giving him the greatest benefit from Deflection. His armorcount is not the lowest, giving him some protection from health damage, and his runspeed is slower than Ash or Loki but tied or higher than anyone else. Combined with Speed he`s effectively faster than Ash, although through proper use of Decoy+Switch Teleport Loki can move faster.


Credit: Darzk

Edited by Darzk
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I would just say that is better compare Ash to a more stealthy and healthy Excalibur than an offensive Loki, well written post


Unfortunately i'm playing only with Frost and Cali, and u already have feedback for them (and i agree with what u wrote)


I add to Frost that his Freeze ability works wonders on The Jackal: freezing him and shooting will not un-freeze him therefore u can easly shot down 1 of his legs, wait 10 secs for unfreeze, deal dmg to him, freeze again when it is up, rinse and repeat till it dies :)

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 Nice info ! Do you happen to know how Mag's skills are affected by Continuity, Reach and Focus ?


Continuity works only on Bullet Attractor

Reach works on everything, increasing the range of activation of pull/attract/shield polarize, and radius of crush

Focus works only on Crush

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