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Subreddit Q&a With De_Steve: Post Pax Prime

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Hi everyone!


Just a quick post I'm throwing up to point you to the Warframe subreddit for a Q&A that took place tonight over Skype with Steve & subreddit mod BuildMyPaperHeart.


We had the pleasure of meeting BuildMyPaperHeart and many other Tenno during our time at PAX, and we promised a Q&A, which occurred tonight over Skype!


Check it out here: 




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Also, thanks for sharing.



As a melee addict, I'm realy looking forward to this:


Guns aren't the only weapons - /u/Hououza asks if there will be midair/wall-running Melee attacks to deal with cameras, sensor bars and enemies as we run past?

Yes! We've been lax in fixing this - we have always intended 'sword alone' as viable, even against high enemies. Pretty sure geoff has 'air attack' that strikes outward, rather than always down, on his todo list.

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From the interview, regarding mini-bosses:


"Because the programming and animation take time, we're often looking for creative ideas from the community (and the team) for how to add variation in way that don't require tons of custom programming."


Challenge accepted. How about "swarm bosses"?


Imagine running through a Grineer tileset, and all of a sudden you find yourself in Sargus Ruk's arena, but instead of Ruk, there's 40 scorpions with twice the level (or 300% armor, or 1000% hp, or whatever) of the normal enemies on the map. Instead of a whole new model and AI and animation set, just trigger, say 100 chargers or 20 Corpus Techs to spawn in a large room that you have to make it through to get to the objective (or maybe blocking the way to a treasure room?). And perhaps these units have a slightly higher drop chance for whatever rare cores they carry?


That would be fun! It would be a good way to provide a chance to find some of the rarer units, too.


I don't know what kind of programming it would take, but it seems like it would be less than goes into making a new unit from scratch.


Some ideas:

- 100 chargers, crawlers, or moas

- 40 mutalist osprey (maybe in a narrow hallway?)

- 15 or 20 hellions in a vertical room with multiple levels

- 50 powerfists, flameblades, scorpions, or some combination thereof

- 30 shockwave, railgun, or anti moas

- a dozen heavy gunners, corpus techs, or ancients (I don't know if a mix of ancients or a single type would be better- what say you?)

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Like hearing they're considering putting in some kind of anti-air melee attacks, we desperately need those to make it possible to do sword alone against the corpus (damn flyers).


As far as the mini bosses go, I do like that swarm miniboss idea posted above, I hope it gets considered at it won't take too much to code this one in since the assets are already there, and it would be fun to take on the swarm :)


edit: I like the idea above of recycling the old bosses into minibosses as well, I love the old Vay Hek mechanics where he makes clones of himself mid-fight: it would be awesome on eximus enemies or minibosses!

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