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Slight Change To Mod Slots Can Go A Long Way (Proposal)


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I just read your suggestion post and while I wouldn't mind any of our suggestions became reality, I think yours is a bit more complex to imlement than mine and would shift the balancing a bit more. For one, old builds would need to be reworked since mods got segregated into different classes and their own capacity values.  I do like your idea of having abilities their own window for mod slots.


I was thinking of having a separate mod capacity for abilities but at the end decided it's counter-productive. In the end, limiting how many abilities, like how many you can have and at what rank tied to your warframe's rank only hurts new players. Veteran players already have a ton of credits and mods to burn so their new 'frames would immediately get max level abilities, sure, but limiting how many abilities they can use is completely futile as they will be sporting quad-forma'd Penta or Quanta or Soma or Boltor Prime in their rank 0 warframe.  The point of giving players all of the warframe's abilities is mostly to help new players.


The new player experience is *painful*.  I feel that in Warframe the difficulty curve is like this:




You started with really bad weapons, no mods, no credits and only rank 0 first ability, of which you have very small energy pool, not to mention your small shield and health means that a few unlucky grazes with Grineer's Slash proc means you're dead.  We also tend to forget that Leech Eximus *do* exists in low level content.  So your only ability to be somewhat effective, i.e. your first ability since your weapons are really bad, can be rendered useless if you got the bad luck of having the eximus spawn on you.  If given 4 abilities, they could at least have more choices even at rank 0 or at least be a contributing member to a team. As you gain more credits and resources, you can craft better weapons and rely less on your abilities, until you start building your uber builds.  And like I said, this wouldn't matter to veterans with new warframes since their tricked-out weapons can do the job better than even all abilities combined, especially since you still can't spam them due to lack of mod capacity for Flow and Streamline.

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Only thing I have to say about this is if the abilities cost nothing and have their own separate slots you might as well just take out ability mods and have them automatically on the warframe since there would be no reason not to have them on. Also, because of this I would have them tie into warframe level as Naftal suggested, maybe like every 10 ranks on a warframe their abilities rank up one.

Considering general abilities soon being a thing, I completely disagreed. We technically NEED to have 4 dedicated ability slots actually.


About a cost on the abilities though; I think the best would be to have all the abilities cost 0 ABILITY points at their lowest rank, costs taken from a seperate point pool. That means, you start with all your abilities at level 0, but you can't rank them up yet, until you level up your Warframe. Ranking up an ability increases its cost by 1 like now. That means you need 12 additional points as you level up. You could get +1 ability point each level, so you are at your maximum ability potential at level 13. That seems fair to me.


Having 10 or 8 generic mod slots though, that's up to DE to decide. But 10 seems a bit overkill to me.

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