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Coathanger Quanta(Fanfic Shorts)-Update 12/12/14


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UPDATE 11/26/14




Coathanger Quanta looks into the lives of various Tenno and members of other factions. there will be a main cast. it is not like Out of Frame where the warframe types are actual characters, though this fanfic was in fact inspired by it. this series instead looks to Tenno as their own characters that have various warframe suits.


the main Tenno cast as of now will consist of various members from a made up clan known as Battle RAM.


additionally, this series illustrates the idea of having GENDER SWAPPED SUITS...


notes to self



Javona=blank text





Cephalons in general=blank text or gray


Grineer in general=browns

Corpus in general=cyan, gray, blues

Orokin based=yellow, gold

Infested=light blues, dark greens




Part 1-Always Prepared(9/11/14)

Ekrin      male      Ember

Iktun     male      Ash

Javona  female  Vauban

Mist       male      Volt


Mission                Ext          Eris




Ekrin: at last, now for some credits


Iktun: hang on, Lotus did say that a Fomorian would be coming near this place.


Javona: What brings a Fomorian to Eris of all places?


Ekrin: I recently heard that Lotus rescued yet another Tenno, but this one had an ascaris on him or something like that.


Javona: so?


Mist: you clearly don’t know how much those go for in the Corpus market. Anyways, you think that new Tenno might’ve dumped the ascaris somewhere around here?


Iktun: I can’t imagine so, unless Tenno had forgot to throw it away right after he removed it…


Ekrin: either way, squad, looks like we’re gonna be here for a while. Now, this ship probably has a lot of active power. It will easily be spotted and targeted. Now, the Fomorian shouldn’t be less than a few miles away by now. we can probably make a jump and hide in a different ship.


Javona: another ship with Infested? I didn’t realize I was working overtime.


Mist: be patient. Instead of playing leap frog, how about we play dead.


Ekrin: yeah sure, Mist, and let’s get blown out of existence while we’re at it.


[Mist holds out his Serro. The others facepalm]


Ekrin: no.


Javona: no.


Iktun: no.


Mist: yes.


Ekrin: no.


Ekrin’s Cephalon: yes.


Ekrin: stay out of this!


Lotus: yes.


Ekrin: yes Lotus... [sighs] how do you expect to cut this ship into debris before the Fomorian arrives?


Iktun: seriously…


Mist: ahem, what warframe am I using?


Javona: you gotta be k-


Mist: WHAT, warframe am I using?


[Javona mumbles]


Mist: I’m sorry. I didn’t cat-


Javona: VOLT!


Mist: I’m glad we understand each other.


Ekrin: I hate you, Mist.


Part 2-Overachiever(9/12/14)

Ekrin      male      Tenno body suit

In Ekrin’s Liset




[Ekrin meditates, but his Cephalon, Scraps, likes to hear updates from his master]


Cephalon Scraps: Operator, what has been going on recently?


Ekrin: well, Scraps, literally nothing.


Cephalon Scraps: Scraps is confused, Operator.


Ekrin: well, the thing is, it always feels like there is no conflicts on any Grineer planets as of now. nothing important has been going on recently with the clones. I am unsure why.


Cephalon Scraps: perhaps Lotus might know.


Ekrin: perhaps… you might be right.


[Ekrin calls for the Lotus]


Lotus: greetings, Tenno. What issue has become apparent?


Ekrin: just that the Grineer have been awfully quiet lately. And I was wondering why.


Lotus: I understand your concern. The cause of this is the hard work of our cause. There has been less of a need to intercept messages because exterminations have gone swiftly and efficiently, not leaving a trace.


Ekrin: really? The Tenno involved must be very efficient.


Lotus: indeed, Tenno. One of the Tenno involved happens to be a member of your clan.


Ekrin: eh?


Lotus: he goes by the name of Mist.


[after hearing Mist’s name. Ekris screams at the top of his lungs]


Lotus[worried]: Tenno! What’s wrong?


Ekris: oh, umm…it’s…umm…[sigh] nothing…its nothing…


Lotus[relieved]: i…I thought….do not scare me like that again.


Ekris: sorry for making you break character. Thanks for the information.


Lotus: farewell Tenno.


[Lotus leaves. Ekris thinks to himself in discontent]


Ekris: [sigh] of course. Of-f$@!ing-course it was him. Always him. Always, always.


Cephalon Scraps: Scraps has received a message from Mist. Shall I op-


Ekris: no


Cephalon Scraps: but he says its urgent.


Ekris: if you open it, I will Serro you to death.


Cephalon Scraps: Scraps thinks that is something Mist would say.




[Message from: Mist

Subject: Lotus

Description: your actions have consequences]


Ekris: a storm is coming, Mist. A storm is coming.


Part 3-Enter Adder(9/13/14)

Iktun     male      Tenno Body suit

Adder   male      Tenno Body suit

In the Battle RAM dojo




[iktun walks through hallways and finds Adder’s room.]


Iktun:  hello Adder, I would like you opinion on so-[notices Adder sitting on a chair reading a holo sheet] whats that holo sheet for?


Adder: greetings, Tenno. we saved some grineer messages on this document to gain intel. We saved it for ourselves. Now we have had the opportunity to read what’s in it.


Iktun: oh. What does it say?


Adder: it’s rather…disturbing, yet interesting…


Iktun: how serious is it?


Adder: what would come to your mind if you heard the words “Grineer” and “relationships” in the same sentence?


Iktun: …no…


Adder: somehow, yes.


Iktun: you cant be serious.


Adder: we are very serious.


Iktun: oh I gotta see this


[iktun walks to Adder and looks with him at the document. It seems that the messages displayed were private and sensitive to whoever had been sending the messages at the time]


Iktun: hmm…[reads on]..wow…oh…oh wowww…wait wha-…ohh…noo…no no..you cant b-..noo…wow…


Adder: we felt the same way when we read it.


Iktun: I can’t read any more of this. The images in my head will haunt me.


Adder: we wouldn’t go as far as to say that, however.


Iktun: well, that’s because you don’t understand love.


Adder: hehehe.. Iktun, we have told you before that asexuality does not constitute lack of love.


Iktun: ahh, sorry, Adder, I get confused on the definition sometimes..


Adder: it’s alright, friend. But still. What concerns us the most about this revelation is, how do Grineer maintain relationships at such a capacity  given their settings and upbringings?


Iktun: yeah, I agree. i know there’s more to affection than physical appearance, but the Grineer don’t seem to different from one another besides their varying levels of hate against non-grineer.


Adder: we agree. what’s to like in one Grineer that is no different from another, in terms of personality? What is there to like at all?


Iktun: yeah, that’s weird. Im all for relationships and all, but that document, I will never look at mechanical legs the same ever again.


Adder: and not just the legs..


[from outside, Javona strolls by and hears talking in Adder’s room]


Javona: hey guys, what are you talking about?


[the male Tenno get up on their feet in shock standing as stiff as boards]


Iktun: UMM….


Adder: we, uh, were just going over some documents. Yeah.


Iktun: documents, being, uhh, studious…


Javona: well…you two seemed quite into whatever it was you were discussing. What’s in the doc.


Iktun: Grineer death roster...


Javona: …


Iktun: …


Adder: …


Javona: …okayyyy…I can see you guys are discussing something you’d rather not tell me, so umm…I’ll just leave you to it then…


Adder: we are grateful


[Javona leaves]


Iktun: …wow, for a guy who claims to be asexual, you sure tensed up when she came in.


Adder: we get jittery when we delve into sensitive topics with people around. False information travels as fast as the lasers found in the Void towers, and the damages can be just as deadly.


Iktun: oh?


Adder: you wouldn’t want someone to see this document and spread word that you seem to have a thing for the mechanical legs of female Grineer, and we definitely do not.


Iktun: well put…however, I think you forget that the Lotus has all our video feeds. So even if our clan mates don’t hear about it, she’ll know about the message either way.


Adder: Lotus wasn’t assisting us at the time of the mission.


Lotus: but I still get the messages.


Adder: …s$%@!


Part 4-The Benefits of Research(9/13/14)

Javona  female  Nyx

Mist      male      Hydroid

Mission                Surv       Grineer Galleon, Saturn




[the alarms have been set. Earlier, Javona reluctantly agreed to test Mist’s life support prototype system]


Javona: are you sure this is going to work? It sounds very ludicrous.


Mist: have you always lacked hope in the researchers back home? They’ve worked day and night to get this right. Now, let’s just wait till the Grineer do the thing.


Javona: yep.


Mist: …


Javona: …


Mist: …hmm…


Javona: …wow…


Mist: …I know…


Javona: any particular reason why you puddled the both of us and WHILE testing the system?


Mist: something tells me that we eventually are going to have to do missions that involve swimming.


Javona: what makes you say that?


Mist: intuition…


Javona: [sighs]…it’s always intuition with you. There is literally no sign or reasoning that would make anyone conclude that anyone’s going to make underwater bases.


Mist: a few big announcements from the Lotus later and you will owe me rare cores.


Javona: you're on. Just you watch….now then, I can see that there are a lot of Lancers surrounding this puddle. What should be our move?


Mist: let’s see if they want to go fishing.


Javona: [sighs] why do I ever agree to do missions with you? You know your little life support system here is going to run out eventually, and not before you run out of energy to sustain this puddle!


Mist: well that’s the beauty of research, Javona. I’m equipped to last.


[the telepathic power of Javana’s Nyx warframe plus her frustration with Mist causes a chaotic outburst that affects the Grineer examining the puddle. They start killing each other]


Mist: nice work.


Javona: GET ME OUT!


Mist: did that mental surge fry your memory of how to swim?


Javona: GRRR! Im just about ready to test what happens when I activate Absorb in this damn water!


[the two Tenno escape the puddle rapidly]


Mist: touché.


Javona: wait, what?


Mist: let’s make sure our friend gets whatever supplies is needed.


Javona: hang on, wha-


Mist: LETS not escalate things.


Javona: ???


[Mist runs off and starts killing all the things]


Javona[thinking]: he’s never going to puddle around me ever again, is he?


[Javona contacts Ekrin]


Ekrin[calling]: ehh, Javona? Sorry, im a little busy restabilizing my glucose, insulin, serotonin, and the rest of the list. Being a Tenno is not easy.


Javona[calling]: this is important. I may have just found a way we can get back at Mist.


Ekrin: hmm, allow me to remove remorse from that list and add some extra WTF.


Part 5, Research and privacy(9/22/14)

Adder   male      Vauban

Javona  female  Nova

[Ekris       male      Mag

Mist       male      Trinity

Mission                                T4S         Void




Javona: I don’t even want to ask why.


Mist: I have a theory that involves specifically these frames.


Adder: we deeply question why.


Mist: research.


[Ekris sighs and triggers the alarm]


Ekris: and would that Serro be involved?


Mist: it may aid us, yes.


[Ekris sighs again. Enemies swarm the room]


Mist: Javona.


Javona: on it.


[Javona activates M Prime, a whole multitude of enemies are affected. The team make their kills]


Javona: what now boss?


Mist: we need to find a room that’s not too spacy, but not too small either.


[they split up searching for a decent room]


Adder: we think we found a good one.


Mist[from somewhere else]: that room is perfect. Waypoint it!


Adder: wait, you can see through our helmet.


Mist: no time to explain! Javona, Ekris, get on it!


Ekris: I really hate taking orders from you.


[they meet up at the designated room.]


Mist: now then, Ekris, lemme just do this thing real quick.


[mist pulls off a cubic object strapped to  his back.]


Adder: what is that?


[mist opens the cube, revealing six insect-like robots]


Mist: run, my minions!


[the robots scatter about.]


Adder: Mist?


Mist: now, lets guard the doors!


Lotus: im sending in another life support capsule.


Ekris: umm, don’t wanna take care of that, Mist?


Mist: not yet! Enemies inbound


[corrupted pour in, but not before getting their heads shot off. Javona activates M Prime again while Adder place vortexes near the three openings.]


Ekris: so your whole plan was to just set up a front? How are we gonna get life support?


Mist: hang on. Give it about…2 minutes.


Javona: I hate to peel your potatoes, but we’ll probably run out of time by then.


Mist[shooting]: if my robots do their job, and if my theory works, then we will never have to worry about that...


Javona: cant you just tell us your theory now?


Mist: theories sound absurd until proven right.


[2 minutes pass]


Mist: there we go, minions activate protocol!


[the minions relay to one another and the Tenno. The squad feel strange sensations]


Javona: whoa! What the f-


Mist: focus on clearing the doors. This is the part when my theory gets tested.


Ekris: what was that?


Mist: Adder, throw a vortex down.


[Adder draws his attention away from the enemies and throws down a vortex]


Mist: now, Javona, i need you to focus on where the lifesupport is destined to drop. This is going to sound crazy, but you are going to use this vortex to summon a wormhole right from here to the life support.


Javona: what!? That’s cra-


Mist: we are running out of time! Do it!


[Javona activates M Prime to slow down the enemies, and then, she does exactly what Mist said; she focuses on the life support’s position, summons a wormhole, and connects it through the vortex to the life support.]


Javona: I-I think it worked.


Mist: now, Ekris, it’s your turn, focus on the life support and pull it towards the wormhole.


[Ekris dis as told and pulled in the life support through the wormhole. He quickly activated it before their oxygen was fully depleted.]


Javona: wow…


Adder: we’d like to know what you did.


[Adder puts vortexes in all openings to give Mist time to explain.]


Mist: the guys at the labs and I were brainstorming ways to handle this kind of situation more efficiently. We tried to figure out a way to make it so life support doesn’t randomly end up in different places. But we found no solution to that idea.so we had to make an alternative: a way to get the life support into one place from where they spawn.


Javona: and then, this?


Mist: yes, I had a theory relating to vortexes and wormholes. But I had to study more about Vauban and Nova and the nature of their abilities. Vortex functions as a compression singularity channeling all absorbed matter into a random point in the void. And wormhole could only be cast in relation to the user’s range of sensory perception, most notably the peripheral vision. The lab guys were developing utility insect robots, and I suggested that they modify them to function as relays for our range of perception.


Adder: that does not explain how Javona was able to link her wormhole through our vortex.


Mist: yeah, I didn’t fully understand the nature of vortex, but I figured that it could be channeled as well. if all matter goes in it, it must go out somewhere. We had conducted tests to see if it could be channeled. We concluded that it was indeed possible for the wormhole link could come out of any given space through the vortex. But it was a matter of where. That’s why I brought the bugs.


Adder: our vortex can do that?


Mist: basically. And it worked.


Ekris: so, let me get this straight, you designed a method for us to camp here for all time? That doesn’t take care of the idea that we’d still not have enou-


[suddenly, there was another relay and it was on Earth]


Ekris: no.


Javona: no.


Adder: can this be?


Mist: we’ve been working on this idea for months, actually. We made very sure that we’d have everything we would ever need.


Javona: but we brought the modified life support system that you so cherish.


Mist: yeah, but it channels all oxygen towards the area that its in. the operative digging for the goods wont have any oxygen. Now then, Adder, another vortex, and Javona, you know what to do.


Javona: sigh…I fear that we’ll deplete the earth of oxygen by the time we are done with this place…




[10 minutes pass. Mist took the time to shred some parts of the walls and use the scraps to barricade the doors. They are well camped and have been teleporting life support for a while.]


Javona: I need to pee…


[the boys look at her]


Mist: you can still pee?


Javona: I know, right; of all physical qualities a Tenno could possibly maintain, it’s the ability to pee. Now then, Adder, would you be a gentleman and throw a vortex near the corner over there?


[Adder does as told]


Adder: we wonder why you require it at the corner.


Javona: well duh, I need privacy.


[Javona activates her wormhole in a way that the others cant see her, and she does her business]


Ekris: why do you need privacy while urinating?


Javona: grr, you boys are all alike. I’m a girl, of course! A girl needs her bathroom privacy!


Mist: you are literally the only one here who has the ability to pee, and the sensitivity towards the subject. There is literally nothing private about it, whether you choose to pee or poop right in front of us.


Ekris: wait, Mist, girls can poop?


Adder: they can poop?


Mist: well, that’s putting it mildly…


Javona: guys, really?


Ekris: I sincerely did not know girls poop.


Mist: girls don’t want you to know that.


Adder: oh my, we now think of girls no differently than how we think of guys.


Mist: are you two for real? Everybody poops. Even the Lot-


Ekris: don’t say it!


Lotus: Tenno, prepare for life support.


Javona: Lotus, the boys are being insensitive to my bathroom privacy!


Lotus: do they have the means to be sensitive about it? can they even go to the bathroom?


Mist: nope.


Lotus: so what’s the problem?


Javona: why does no one understand me?


Mist: if anything, we pity the fact that you’re still burdened with that handicap.


Adder: agreed, especially the fact that you poop.


Lotus: …I’m confused.


Mist: just ignore us, Lotus. This is getting out of hand. Just deliver the life support and our day will be less s#@%%y, pun intended.


Part 6-Mind Games?(9/25/14)

Ekrin      male      Vauban

Javona  female  Ember

Fauna    female  Hydroid

Iktun     male      Saryn


Mission                Defense               Derelict




[the squad enters the derelict Orokin ship.]


Ekrin: can you hear that?


Javona: hear what? I haven’t lit anything on fire yet…


Fauna: you don’t say.


Ekrin: clan leader. I respect your authority. You are a powerful Tenno and all, but can you please, please, please-


Fauna: you know I’m going to decline your request, right?


Iktun: well, at least you tried, Ekrin.


Fauna: there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a puddle!


Javona: I’ll only agree to this if you let me boil your puddle.


Fauna: only if you give the clan 20% of your earnings on Sechura.


Javona: come on! Everyone already gets deducted like 30%!


Ekrin: you ought to contribute to the clan more often, either way. I mean, you’re hoarding like 6 million credits.


Javona: [sigh] fine…


[the mission is put into effect. It goes well for several waves]


Ekrin: seriously, I keep on hearing a voice or something.


Javona[boiling Javona’s puddle]: do the flames truly speak to your desires?


Ekrin: I’m serious! I am legitimately hearing someone talking obscurely. Im not sure, I might be hallucinating.


Fauna: [sigh] have you been using my pod back at home again?


Ekrin: after you beat my @$$ for the final time, I wont touch that thing ever again. And besides, I hate your pod, it gets me high and a gives a case of short term memory loss…then again, I don’t remember.


Fauna: I will drown you, Ekrin! And you will drop down a rank if I find that you’ve used it again!


Ekrin: …


Fauna: are you even listening to me!?


[for a strange reason, Ekrin pauses in action and is quickly knocked down by an Ancient.]


Iktun: Ekrin! Get up!


Javona: what’s wrong with you?


[iktun checks on Ekrin and concludes that he’s out cold. Or something along those lines]


Iktun: Tenno down! Im putting him on top of one of the structures. I’m taking him out of here the first chance I get!


Javona: what is wrong with him?


Ekrin: rrrr…


Fauna: Ekrin!


Ekrin: release me…rrr-release me. Where am i?


Fauna: what the?


Iktun: Ekrin, what’s wrong with you?


Ekrin: Ekrin? This form you call Ekrin? Where am i? I cant see. It’s cold, its dark.


Iktun: something is controlling Ekrin. We gotta get out.


Ekrin: please! Please release me! Im scared! Where am i? who are you?


Fauna: who the hell are YOU?


Ekrin: i…. I don’t know. I don’t remember… I don’t know… what am i? where am i? I feel trapped, contained…


[Ekrin rises and drops to the ground oblivious to the Infested threat.]


Iktun: what are you doing!?


[iktun and the others defend Ekrin from the infested. Ekrin walks to the warframe cryopod and touches it.


Ekrin: I feel myself. I am trapped. Get me out! I want to leave. I have been here for a long time. I want to leave!


Fauna: wha- how? Im contacting the lotus…. Lotus!


Lotus: yes, Tenno?


Fauna: we need to wake up the Tenno inside the cryopod. It isn’t sleeping! And it has control of Ekrin! It.. it’s a Nyx warframe. Please. We have to wake her.


Lotus: I understand! Stand by. Continue to defend.




Tenno: what am i?


Lotus: you are a Tenno.


Tenno: why don’t I know anything?


Fauna: your memory has been erased over the long time you’ve been resting.


Tenno: im so scared. Please get me out.


Lotus: in due time. You may not remember of yourself, but your body should remember the techniques of combat.


Tenno: that sounded…lewd…


Javona: well, that’s one thing she seems to remember…


Fauna: Tenno, unfortunately, given the circumstances, our comrade is down because of you, and now we need to hold off the enemy until extraction arrives. [gives the Tenno her Nami] you have to help us defend ourselves and him.


Tenno: [staring at the weapon] I feel an impulse to just….


Javona: yeah, I know that feel….


Lotus: this is a very unfortunate time for you, but you are not the first. You must fight alongside your fellow Tenno.


Tenno: im scared.


Iktun: you don’t say, I hate this place as well. Gives me the creeps.


Fauna: you are such a wimp….[hears half dead bellows] they’re coming.


Part 7-Mindfreak(9/29/14)

Ekrin      male      Vauban

Fauna    female  Hydroid

Tenno   female  Nyx

Iktun     male      Saryn


In the Battle RAM dojo


[during the events of an Orokin Derelict Defense run. A Nyx-bearing Tenno spoke through Ekrin to get the her out of a cryopod. She and the squad fought to protect the then-unconscious Ekrin until reinforcements arrived. They are now in the dojo and have explained the events to a newly-awoken Ekrin]


Ekrin: what the heck? How is that even possible?


Iktun: by the way do you have a name?


Tenno: umm…


Fauna: I think a good name would be “Mindfreak”, given the circumstances.


Iktun: that’s not nice!


Fauna: is that an objection?


Iktun: [shudders] noo….


Ekrin: I do…


Fauna: I will drown you.


Tenno: e-e-excuse me, miss clan leader, but if I recall, my name is, umm…


Fauna: Mindfreak. Your name shall be Mindfreak. And it just so happens that you are stuck with us.


Ekrin: since we need to make give a logical name, why not just call her “Telepathy?”


Tenno: my name is Mekianzi Luaninliba.


Fauna: …


Iktun: …


Ekrin …


Mekianzi Luaninliba: ?


Crumbler(Iktun’s Kubrow): …


Fauna: Mindfreak


Ekrin: Telepathy


Crumbler: Woof!


Iktun: I’m gonna have to agree with Crumbler on this one.


Fauna: get your Kubrow out of the room!


Iktun: hey! He contributed to Ekrin’s survival!


Fauna: [gives off a scary aura]


Iktun: umm….i….Crumbler...you might wanna step out


Crumbler: [wimpers]


[Crumbler leaves]


Mekianzi Luaninliba: but my name is Mekianzi Luaninliba.


Fauna: you will be called Mindfreak and you will like it!


Mekianzi Luaninliba: no!


Ekrin: leave Mekianz…umm…ugh…the point is, your name is too long and complicated.


Mekianzi Luaninliba: but I would honor you all by pronouncing your names properly! I deserve the same respect!


Ekrin: cant we just call you Mekia?


Mekianzi Luaninliba: no!


Iktun: if I give you platinum, will you please just let-


Mekianzi Luaninliba: platinum is still a thing, even though it was used in the Orokin Era long ago?


Ekrin: …they used platinum in the Orokin Era?


Mekianzi Luaninliba: …how much do you remember about the Orokin Era?


Fauna: virtually nothing, Mindfreak.


Mekianzi Luaninliba: it’s Mekianzi Luaninliba!


Iktun: i will give you 200 platinum to-


Mekia: Mekia! my name is Mekia!


Part 8-Mist and the New Girl(10/1/14)

Mekia   female  Tenno body suit

Mist       male      Tenno body suit


In the Battle RAM dojo


[it has been about a week since Mekia revealed her ridiculously confusing name. she is now training with polearms in the gym. Mist happens to be walking by.]


Mist: hello there.


Mekia: [looks back at Mist] umm.. Hi?


Mist: sorry, I don’t recognize you. are you new here, Tenno?


Mekia: fresh out of the freezer. I think that’s how they say it here?


Mist: oh really? How fresh? [walks up to Mekia]


Mekia: I woke up like a week ago.


Mist: ahh. Must be rough; waking up and not fully remembering a thing.


Mekia: yeah. I only remember a few details on Orokin standards though.


Mist: well, at least you remember something. This brain right here has nothing on that age.


Mekia: im sorry.


Mist: ahh, don’t worry about it. From the looks of it, what we were is no longer relevant. It’s about what we are today.


Mekia: wow.


Mist: oh, my name is Mist, by the way.


Mekia: I am Mekianzi Luaninliba.


Mist: sounds Orokin.


Mekia: I thought you said-


Mist: well I like to do my homework.


Mekia: …what’s homework?


Mist: some human thing. But around here, “Mekianzi Luaninliba” is a bit complicated.


Mekia: yeah, I’ve seen. You can call me Mekia.


Mist: nice to meet you. Sorry if it took me a week, I’ve been off grid for a while, I’ve been in this place known as the Void.


Mekia: sounds interesting.


Mist: so, how much do you know of the present so far?


Mekia: just that your leader is pompous fitzjeku. And that, as you have just noticed, I am learning about the Grineer Empire.


Mist: …I’m pretty sure you can’t use Grineer words to mask English profanity in forum text.


Mekia: what?


Mist: [realizing that he was breaking the 4th wall] nothing…well, I see that your time is occupied, so I would not want to waste any more of it. [turns around and begins to walk] so I-


[Mekia grabs Mist’s arm]


Mekia: actually…I’m quite done. Were you heading somewhere? Perhaps I can…umm…accompany you?


Mist: well, if you like seeing male Tenno getting their intestines realigned, having their bio-engineered livers replaced with a stinky new one, and getting all their benign and malignant tumors removed, be my guest.


Mekia: …not easy being a Tenno?


Mist: not easy being a Tenno.


Part 9-Boiling Point(10/2/14)

Adder   male      Vauban

Iktun     male      Hydroid

Javona  female  Saryn


Mission                Interception on Earth




[the three Tenno are struggling to keep all control towers secure. Even though they can manage with three, they would rather have all of them secure]


Adder: we are pretty occupied with this tower. We cannot progress to the D


Iktun: damn, this will take longer. I really hope we recover something worthwile for this.


Javona: easy for you to say, puddle boy! This high armor does me no good!


Adder: since when was armor ever relevant in this system?


Iktun: it would be easier if we all just went hydroid…


Javona: yeah but Saryn ha-……do you hear that?


Iktun: hear what?


Javona: sounds like someone screaming from above…[looks up, sees a body falling in the air]


Adder: who the heck is that poor being?


Iktun. Sorry I cant see or here, im in a-


[suddenly, as Iktun is bathing in his Undertow, a Tenno falls within the deep void-puddle.]






Javona: OOWW!! Shut up, you two! I im still picking up your transmissions!


Adder: amen!


Random Tenno: WHOA!......WHOA!!!


Iktun: Ekrin?


Ekrin: …hey…WHAT THE F-




Ekrin: whoa…


Iktun: Ekrin! What are you doing here!?


Ekrin: Lotus told me that you guys needed help. I was dispatched to this location, however my stupid Cephalon had more…specific..plans…he goes “Operator, Scraps sees that the situation is intense. There’s no way I can get close enough. Scraps has an idea, Operator. I shall deploy you from the sky into Iktun’s puddle.” Didn’t even give me any f$#&ing time to process that garbage.


Javona: well, he was right about the intensity of this situation! I had to pick up the pace by animating my molts and making them act all seductive on the Grineer!


Adder: again, we must comment, Javona, that your little innovation is rather lewd.


Javona: that’s the point.


Iktun: well, it’s good to see you!


Ekrin: I’d rather not be here in a puddle seeing you. I’m getting out. [Ekrin leaves the puddle and takes point D] and all this crap just so I can hold a point for literally 20 seconds before we completely incercept the data?


Javona: yeah yeah yeah. Stop whining. Help this girl out.


Ekrin: well since you still have bowel function, I don’t know about that.


Javona: grr! I told you guys to respect my bathroom privacy!


Adder: it is difficult not to speculate on how potentially volatile your still-functioning bowels are.


Javona: grr! Iktun! i know you are not like this lot. Please tell me you have something on this.


Iktun: …


Javona: IKTUN!!!


Iktun: huh? What? Sorry I was pondering on the fact that Ekrin somehow managed to hit exactly in the area of my puddle, all the way from the freaking sky. I mean, how can it be possible that there would be no wind activity that would’ve distorted Ekrin’s path from reaching exactly the area of my puddle!? I mean,  come on! Are you kidding me!? Even if Ekrin’s Cephalon could predict the weather patterns of precisely this area in record time, how the hell could he have predicted that there wouldn’t be any pickup of turbulence or friction dilation that would have set Ekrin off course!? If his Cephalon’s barely-structured plan didn’t work, Ekrin would have died! HE WOULD HAVE DIED! Am I really the only one taking this into account!? HE WOULD HAVE DIED!! I would have risked going closer to the enemy activity and dropping Ekrin then! [he begins to phase through the 4th wall] I would have done that instead of relying on the freaking RNG! If the freaking RNG wasn’t in his favor, HE WOULD HAVE DIED!!! TENNO, HE WOULD HAVE DIED!! EKRIN, YOU WOULD HAVE DIED!! DOES ANYONE SEE THE IMPACT THIS HAS ON US AS CHARACTERS IN THIS DAMN GAME!? DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT THE POSSIBILITY THAT WE COULD HAVE DIED DOING MOST OF THE IMPOSIBLE FEATS WE HAVE DONE BEFORE? WE ARE DEPENDING NOT ONLY ON THE FREAKING RNG! NO, NOT JUST THE FREAKING RNG! WE ARE DEPENDING ON THE EXPERTISE OF THE NOOBISH PLAYERS THAT ARE CURRENTLY PLAYING US! DO YOU GUYS EVER HAVE DÉJÀ VU’S? WHAT IF THAT’S BECAUSE WE ARE FREAKING PUPPETS UNDER CONTROL OF THE NOOBISH PLAYERS WHO HAVE DIED MULTIPLE TIMES BUT ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO BE REVIVED!? WHAT IF THAT’S THE CASE!? THEN WE HAVE TO PRAY THAT THE CONTENT OF THIS REALITY WE ARE IN IS ENTERTAINING ENOUGH THAT THEY WON’T LEAVE US BEHIND! OUR LIVES ARE ON THE F$%&ING LINE!!! IF THE NOOBISH PLAYER CONTROLLING EKRIN WAS ANY MORE UNLUCKY, IF THE RNG WAS LESS IN ERKIN’S FAVOR, HE WOULD HAVE DIED!!!!! AM I THE ONLY ONE SEEING THIS!? PLAYERS, DIGITAL EXTREMES, WE ARE NOT PUPPETS!!! WE ARE NOT YOUR CHARACTERS THAT YOU CAN JUST NOOB AROUND IN! WE ARE TENNO!!! YOUR ACTIONS ARE KILLING US OFF!!! NO WONDER THE OROKIN EMPIRE COLLAPSED!!! WE ARE TENNO, NOT YOUR PUPPETS! MY BEST FRIEND COULD HAVE DIED!!! DIGITAL EXTREMES, REBECCA, STEVE, ANY OF YOU, DO ANY OF YOU CARE AT ALL!?


Javona: only if it involves Kubrows. They take that puppy blender stuff very seriously.


Iktun: ….…I need a vacation…


Ekrin: …I’m scared…


Adder: we are as well…


Part 10-What a Jest

Fauna    female  Hydroid

Javona  female  Nova


Mission                Ext          Grineer Galleon




Javona: do you seriously have to bring Hydroid in every mission possible?


Fauna: this warframe is well favored by my tastes. If you don’t like it, I will drown you. And this time I will have Mist do CPR.


Javona: [thinking about that idea] nope! Your Hydroid is perfect and flawless, nothing wrong with it!


Fauna: good girl. [feels a shot penetrate her shields] ouch… [summons a tempest barrage on the Ballista that hit her] lets go.


[the two eventually separate as they are clearing out the Galleon.]


Lotus: no [coughs. Clears throat] no further life forms detected. Now head to extraction.


Javona[calling]: Fauna where are you?


Fauna[calling]: busy.


Javona[calling]: looking at private messages, I bet. Always curious on the icky things…[giggles]


[Javona eventually finds Fauna, but wasn’t prepared for what she was seeing. She spotted water tentacles everywhere, however they were grabbing the limbs of grineer corpses and animating them as if it were a puppet skit or ventriloquism. Fauna was making her personal puppet show!]


Javona: really!? A puppet show with Grineer corpses!? You’re insane!


Fauna: I will drown you.




Part 11-Hit 'Em Hard

Javona  female  Tenno body suit

Ekrin     male      Tenno body suit

Mekia   female  Tenno body suit

Mist       male      Tenno body suit

Fauna   female  Hydroid


In Battle RAM dojo




[the tenno are at a round table]


Ekrin: umm, Fauna, why are y-


Javona: please stop contradicting her existence or she’ll go on about drowning you.


Fauna: yes Ekrin. I am the clan leader and I will Hydroid until I die….except for when I’m using Rhino Prime.


Ekrin: …


Javona: [sighs]


Mist: and we are here to ‘embrace’ your Hydroid-ness?


Fauna: that too. But we are here to discuss the recent events with the Grineer councilor Vay Hek.


Mekia: Hay Vek?


Fauna: you are really slow, aren’t you?


Mekia: it’s literally the first time I’ve heard of the person!


Ekrin: even I got it wrong the first few times…


Fauna: okay, shut up. You all are slow. Point is, Vay Hek is a nutjob who is one of the most non-negotiable Grineer out there, and he canceled his little subscription plan for the Corpus Bombshells magazine.


Ekrin: not to mention the internet services.


Mekia: …im still catching up on these things. I can barely grasp the jokes.


Mist: the idea is that the Grineer depend on the Corpus for weapons and supplies and whatnot. Of course, those two factions hate each other, and what Fauna is saying that Vay Hek is disconnecting the Grineer from them.


Mekia: oh…


Fauna: yes, Mindfreak.


Mekia: [sighs]


Fauna: I will not let that one die down, get used to it. now the point is that Vay Hek is gonna hit the Corpus hard. And I mean very hard.


Javona: with no Fomorians, how does that idiot expect to do a thing?


Mist: well, technically the Tenno didn’t destroy ALL of the Fomorians…


Fauna: Vay Hek had more in his little stash. “Balor Fomorians,” he’s calling them.


Mekia: I’m assuming that these ‘Fomorians’ are real game changers.


Fauna: let me show you something extreme. [activates controls on the round table to produce a holographic display of a Balor Fomorian next to a Corpus freighter.]


Mekia: …WHAT!?


Javona: yeah those things can tear the Corpus apart. And us.


Mekia: we have to do something. not just us, all Tenno.


Fauna: we will do our part.


Ekrin: so, how do you say we go about this?


Fauna: hit them with all we got, of course. Hit ‘em hard!


Ekrin: …Fauna, why is hitting things hard always your solution to trivial issues?


Fauna: because it usually works, stupid. You crush your enemies and they shall be crushed. It’s that simple…


Javona: clan leader, this is a Fomorian.


Fauna: and this right here [takes something out] is Forma.


Javona: [sighs]


Mekia: how do you even destroy one?


Ekrin: who knows, maybe in the eyeball?


Fauna: to me, the weak spot is its everything. Lets just hit ‘em hard. I love hitting things hard!


Mekia: …umm…


Mist: there was no dirty references in that sentence…


Mekia: oh…by the way, how do you think we should destroy these super ships?


Mist: well..


Ekrin: oh hell no, I’m not going to hear his bouts about how he researched ways to efficiently do this.


Mist: on the cont-


Javona: nope, not hearing it. keep your research to yourself, Mist.


Mekia: come on guys.


Javona: we are not going to hear it. he always annoys us with his bouts about research. I mean watch this: Mist, did you research this problem?


Mist: yeah, but-


Javona: see! You see what I mean!? He researches EVERYTHING! He has a solution to EVERYTHING!


Mekia: but I bet his plans sound better than Fauna’s “hit ‘em hard”plan!


Mist: actually, I kind of agree with Fauna’s plan


Ekrin: ...there is something completely wrong when Mist agrees with anything Fauna says...what the hell?


Mist: the real question, Ekrin, is “how.”


Javona: you cant be serious!


Fauna: jealous that my plan works all the time, Javona?


Javona: #$%&^^%&^$$#%...


Fauna: but how do we do it, just say the word.


Mist: Orokin laser technology.


Mekia: explain.


Ekrin: [sighs] it’s the most deadly force in the Origin System…as far as we know.


Javona: “as far as we know,” he says. Don’t scare me like that; those things cut my limbs off once.


Mist: once, Javona? Once? Really, JUST once?


Javona: I will stick my Fragor so far up your #%$ that you’ll look like the Moa you really are.


Ekrin: that will be the day…


Javona: shut up, Ekrin.


Mist: are you guys done?....the point is, we can build an Orokin Plane Crusher rigged with laser tech, and we can obliterate the Fomorians once and for all…and with style.


Fauna: I’m suddenly feeling physically physical things about you, Mist. You really know what a girl like me likes.


Mist: …umm…lets focus on releasing our…umm…affinity on the Fomorians, yeah?


Part 12-what we could have

Mist      male      Volt

Mekia   female  Nyx

Fauna    female  Rhino P


Mission                Def         Corpus Freighter




[as the team are defending, they debate useful ways to innovate in technologies]


Fauna: …and that’s the exact reason why I like to use Rhino and Hydroid. Hit ‘em hard!


Mekia: …isnt there like a specter that can do an entire misson for you?


Mist: I question their efficiency. Though it is not impossible, I don’t have a good feeling about warframe AI’s roaming about freely.


Fauna: I don’t need specters. I need something with good AOE damage.


Mist: by that logic, you ought to start using the Saryn model, or perhaps the Oberon one.


Fauna: a weapon like the Jat Kittag or Orthos prime….. I wonder if the Void has parts for an Amphis prime…


Mist: Amphis is Grineer, clan leader.


Fauna: wraith then. We can always innovate and make new era primes.


Mist: that’s an idea.


Mekia: I just mean that if we rely on specters to defend our rails, we should be able to use them more efficiently than just rail duty. Less tenno would end up dying.


Mist: I guess, but I feel more comfortable going out into the field.


[the enemies fail to break their conversation]


Mekia: so, Mist, explain the Serro to me.


Mist: the commercial issue Serro is a scraper used to cut down a ship to simpler bits for recycling and desecration. Though it’s already a formidable weapon, research has been done to amplify it’s power. Mine, however, is rigged to cut down ships very efficiently if needed.


Mekia: I want a weapon rigged to be…umm….chilling?


Mist: “cool” is the word you’re looking for.


Mekia: r-right.


Fauna: [sighs] I wish a had a triple-headed Jat Kittag.


Mist: a Cerberus Kittag?


Fauna: what’s a Cerb…nevermind. I’ll just keep stomping until the enemy drops the parts for it.


Mekia: …


Fauna: [iron skins] what? That’s how Oberon drops...now, I’m going to stomp half the ship apart.


Mist: …even though I have a Serro…


Mekia: I’d like to think absorbing and reflecting bullets is better than stomping.


[Fauna stomps]


Mekia: okay then…


Mist: don’t worry about it, let her have her fun.


Mekia: how do you tolerate her? I know I don’t know much about the system and the Tenno, but still…


Mist: I just try to ignore the issues of others and try to solve my own.


Mekia: you have issues?...like?


Mist: like, how am I to complete this Coathanger Quanta I’ve been investing in…


Mekia: a what?


Mist: a Coathanger Quanta.


Mekia: well, im confused, but im curious.


Part 13-connections

Mekia   female  Tenno body suit

Mist       male      Tenno body suit

In the Battle RAM dojo Energy Lab




[Mist is showing the coathanger quanta that Mist has been working on.]


Mist: what do you think?


Mekia: two things: what’s a Quanta, and why a coathanger?


Mist: here’s a Quanta[picks up Quanta] it’s a dual-purpose laser-shooting explosive cube-shooting Corpus weapon. The Coathanger Quanta is a personal redesign made for infiltration purposes.


Mekia: I can hardly imagine it being used for such.


Mist: okay…you’re in a mission where you have to go lightweight, meaning no weapons whatsoever, maybe just a dagger. You’re navigating the venting system. But you eventually meet up with a human operative who will give you the weapon, which will be disguised as an actual coathanger. [Mist presses a button that makes the weapon morph into a large Corpus Tech class coathanger.] that way, you can press on at a better pace.


Mekia: i..i never thought of it that way.


Mist: there’s always something for any situation. And if there isnt, I’ll see if its possible to make something… that’s how I am.


Mekia: wow, you’re…i…


Mist: yes?


Mekia: I really like you.


Mist: oh…well…I like you. to be honest, you’re one of the only few who who appreciates my need to find solutions, and, you have a remarkable natural talent for telepathy.


[mekia blushes under her helmet]


Mekia: oh…..i…thank you…thank you


Mist: I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.


Mekia: its…its…..its….its…..its…


Mist: hang on, there’s bad ping here. We should leave the dojo. Sorry, maybe next time?


[leaving dojo]


[Warframe has Crahsed]


Part 14-the game has changed(12/12/14)

Mist       male      Rhino

In the Battle RAM dojo




Mist: I know what you are. You will not deceive me, and I will defeat you. Are you listening to me? I will get results just as I have from many before you. I always get results. You will whimper in pain and I will enjoy collecting all the data I need. You will be mine.


[Mist stares at the Vaykore Marelok on the lab table in the Grineer lab.]


[Mist uses complex tools and equipment to operate on the handgun, machinery that seems overkill.]


Mist: you will know pain, and I will get what I’m looking for.


[Mist attempts to use tools to remove some of the bolts, but they are sealed with some strange energy.]


Mist: feisty, I see. [grabs a 10 medium cutter] no matter. [makes an incision. Energy leaks out onto Mists diamond skin.] you think that’s enough to sto-[the Vaykor leaks out a huge quantity of energy, disabling the diamond skin on Mist’s Rhino.] DAMMIT!


[someone comes in]


Adder: why is it we hear you from across the hall?


Mist: Adder! [sees Adder coming towards him] stay back.


Adder: Mist, what is it this time that would require you to use the Diamond Skin Rhino?


Mist: remember that Marelok incident?


Adder: you don’t mean?


Mist: well this time, I brought the Vaykor Marelok int-




[Fauna and Javona walk in]


Fauna: what the hell is up with you guys? You know I don’t like loud noises unless im the one making them.


Javona: [sighs] but seriously wh-


Adder: this colossal fool brought the Vaykor into the dojo.


Fauna: WHAT!? REALLY!?


Javona: ehh, what?


Adder: do you not know why this is a problem?


Fauna: Problem? This is the most awesome thing Mist has ever done! and everything he does is terrible!


Mist: I take offense to that.


Javona: well you do a lot of terrible things.


Mist: tactical things, I know its confusing for you Javona, given that they both start with the letter “T”


Javona: shut up, Mist!


Fauna: what have you learned about the new Marelok, Mist!?


Mist: I learned that it’s a tough one, that’s for sure. Nothing beyond that yet.


Adder: clan leader Fauna, have you completely forgotten what happened with the regular Marelok!?


Fauna: oh I remember, I remember the seductive power of a single bullet from that thing.


Javona: I’m confused here. What’s the big deal?


Adder: have you not learned of the Marelok?


Javona: umm, no. when did this whole Marelok thing happen?


Mist: Javona wasn’t with us at the time, Adder.


Fauna: yeah, she missed out on sheer awesomeness!


Adder: Fauna….


Javona: okay then! What is a Marelok?


Mist: it’s a powerful Grineer handgun. Probably the most powerful. No one truly understands its morbid nature, not even the Grineer. That’s how dangerously powerful it is.


Fauna: if something’s dangerous, then it must be dangerous for the enemy as well. and the Marelok is beyond dangerous.


Adder: [sighs]


Javona: so, the incident?


Mist: I test fired it in a shooting gallery and caused a huge hole that blew through the dojo.


Fauna: I feel feely things just remembering that awesome moment.


Javona: you’re gonna make me puke inside my suit.


Adder: all the more reason that we question why you have a Vaykor Marelok, Mist!


Mist: I will not be defeated by this again. As a Suda follower, I WILL learn the ways of the Marelok. I will break it, study it, and dominate it!


Javona: when I used to say you’re mad. I was joking. But now…


Adder: Mist, we implore that you rid the dojo of that thing once and for all. Cast it into the void.


Mist: the void!? Are you crazy!? You know what would happen to its properties if that were to happen!?


Adder: we don’t know! Just get rid of it asap! We hear things about the Vaykor. Some say it is so powerful that it’s self-aware.


Javona: so its sentient? That scares me. we have to destroy it, Mist!


Mist: I refuse, I will defeat it even if its sentient!


Vaykore Marelok: you do realize that the Sentients had won, right?


Everyone: [sCREAMS]

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you seemed to have overlooked female Vauban. this comic illustrates the idea of gender swap warframes. i guess i should've put that on the top...

I was thinking they look normal (Example. Outside= Volt Male : Inside=Female Tenno.) on the outside but on the inside they can be any gender w/ any voice (Basicly they can all be traps and you wouldn't know until they talked sometimes not even then.)

edit tryed to post hours ago but internet cutoff

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  • 2 weeks later...


added part 5, refer to first post


and no, i'm not coloring in that huge block of text...i went through some complications that involved, for some stupid reason, the re-discoloration of text as i edited through...so nop. im not gonna go through that utter BS again...


also, do note that i accidentally misspelled Ekrin's name as "Ekris"...


and lastly, i believe it should have already been established that Adder refers to himself in plural form.

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added part 6, refer to first post.

added new character, Fauna, the clan leader of Battle RAM, the clan that the main characters are in.


at least this time, i got Ekrin's name right...


also, the whole coloring texts thing is a pain....they should really fix the system, because i always end up having to color something that i already colored in the editor...

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UPDATE 9/25/14



Tenno: my name is Mekianzi Luaninliba.


Fauna: …


Iktun: …


Ekrin …


Mekianzi Luaninliba: ?


Crumbler(Iktun’s Kubrow): …


Fauna: Mindfreak


Ekrin: Telepathy


Crumbler: Woof!


Iktun: I’m gonna have to agree with Crumbler on this one.


Fauna: get your Kubrow out of the room!


Iktun: hey! He contributed to Ekrin’s survival!


Fauna: [gives off a scary aura]


Iktun: umm….i….Crumbler...you might wanna step out


Crumbler: [wimpers]


[Crumbler leaves]


Mekianzi Luaninliba: but my name is Mekianzi Luaninliba.


Fauna: you will be called Mindfreak and you will like it!


Mekianzi Luaninliba: no!


Ekrin: leave Mekianz…umm…ugh…the point is, your name is too long and complicated.


Mekianzi Luaninliba: but I would honor you all by pronouncing your names properly! I deserve the same respect!


Ekrin: cant we just call you Mekia?


Mekianzi Luaninliba: no!


Iktun: if I give you platinum, will you please just let-


Mekianzi Luaninliba: platinum is still a thing, even though it was used in the Orokin Era long ago?


Ekrin: …they used platinum in the Orokin Era?


Mekianzi Luaninliba: …how much do you remember about the Orokin Era?


Fauna: virtually nothing, Mindfreak.


Mekianzi Luaninliba: it’s Mekianzi Luaninliba!


Iktun: i will give you 200 platinum to-


Mekia: Mekia! my name is Mekia!


Mekia it is!


edit: extra unneeded word box YAY,and enrgish well YAY.

Edited by Oxin
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Oxin  Male  Volt(Ω)


Location  'Floating in the Abyss Between Dimensions' The Abyss


Oxin: Ha I wish ,you didn't entertain me so much.



Edit List:


Edit: why didn't that work- NEVERMIND


Edit2: HOLD on i think i got it.- OH MY GOD IT WORKS!


EDIT3; Spoiler box for list of edits


edit4; to seem more like your comic + Volt Ω a super form of volt.(not canon)


edit5: Fixed Void(was apposed to be abyss[note: I am putting effort in something no one will see])

Edited by Oxin
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Oxin: Ha I wish ,you didn't entertain me so much.



Edit List:


Edit: why didn't that work- NEVERMIND


Edit2: HOLD on i think i got it.- OH MY GOD IT WORKS!


EDIT3; Spoiler box for list of edits



I don't see what that has to do with my post but ok...

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