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Coathanger Quanta(Fanfic Shorts)-Update 12/12/14


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added Part 11


seriously. the editor is crap. i go to it once, it's alright with the whole coloring thing...i make an adjustment, and some of the colors just lose color. i mean, what the hek? i go through all this crap to edit some colors and, what do you know, crap comes out... that i cant edit something without it undergoing color coding errors is ridiculous to me.

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Mist      male      Volt

Mekia   female  Nyx

Fauna    female  Rhino P


Mission                Def         Corpus Freighter




[as the team are defending, they debate useful ways to innovate in technologies]


Fauna: …and that’s the exact reason why I like to use Rhino and Hydroid. Hit ‘em hard!


Mekia: …isnt there like a specter that can do an entire misson for you?


Mist: I question their efficiency. Though it is not impossible, I don’t have a good feeling about warframe AI’s roaming about freely.


Fauna: I don’t need specters. I need something with good AOE damage.


Mist: by that logic, you ought to start using the Saryn model, or perhaps the Oberon one.


Fauna: a weapon like the Jat Kittag or Orthos prime….. I wonder if the Void has parts for an Amphis prime…


Mist: Amphis is Grineer, clan leader.


Fauna: wraith then. We can always innovate and make new era primes.


Mist: that’s an idea.


Mekia: I just mean that if we rely on specters to defend our rails, we should be able to use them more efficiently than just rail duty. Less tenno would end up dying.


Mist: I guess, but I feel more comfortable going out into the field.


[the enemies fail to break their conversation]


Mekia: so, Mist, explain the Serro to me.


Mist: the commercial issue Serro is a scraper used to cut down a ship to simpler bits for recycling and desecration. Though it’s already a formidable weapon, research has been done to amplify it’s power. Mine, however, is rigged to cut down ships very efficiently if needed.


Mekia: I want a weapon rigged to be…umm….chilling?


Mist: “cool” is the word you’re looking for.


Mekia: r-right.


Fauna: [sighs] I wish a had a triple-headed Jat Kittag.


Mist: a Cerberus Kittag?


Fauna: what’s a Cerb…nevermind. I’ll just keep stomping until the enemy drops the parts for it.


Mekia: …


Fauna: [iron skins] what? That’s how Oberon drops?...now, I’m going to stomp half the ship apart.


Mist: …even though I have a Serro…


Mekia: I’d like to think absorbing and reflecting bullets is better than stomping.


[Fauna stomps]


Mekia: okay then…


Mist: don’t worry about it, let her have her fun.


Mekia: how do you tolerate her? I know I don’t know much about the system and the Tenno, but still…


Mist: I just try to ignore the issues of others and try to solve my own.


Mekia: you have issues?...like?


Mist: like, how am I to complete this Coathanger Quanta I’ve been investing in…


Mekia: a what?


Mist: a Coathanger Quanta.


Mekia: well, im confused, but im curious.

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Mekia   female  Tenno body suit

Mist       male      Tenno body suit

In the Battle RAM dojo Energy Lab




[Mist is showing the coathanger quanta that Mist has been working on.]


Mist: what do you think?


Mekia: two things: what’s a Quanta, and why a coathanger?


Mist: here’s a Quanta[picks up Quanta] it’s a dual-purpose laser-shooting explosive cube-shooting Corpus weapon. The Coathanger Quanta is a personal redesign made for infiltration purposes.


Mekia: I can hardly imagine it being used for such.


Mist: okay…you’re in a mission where you have to go lightweight, meaning no weapons whatsoever, maybe just a dagger. You’re navigating the venting system. But you eventually meet up with a human operative who will give you the weapon, which will be disguised as an actual coathanger. [Mist presses a button that makes the weapon morph into a large Corpus Tech class coathanger.] that way, you can press on at a better pace.


Mekia: i..i never thought of it that way.


Mist: there’s always something for any situation. And if there isnt, I’ll see if its possible to make something… that’s how I am.


Mekia: wow, you’re…i…


Mist: yes?


Mekia: I really like you.


Mist: oh…well…I like you. to be honest, you’re one of the only few who who appreciates my need to find solutions, and, you have a remarkable natural talent for telepathy.


[mekia blushes under her helmet]


Mekia: oh…..i…thank you…thank you


Mist: I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.


Mekia: its…its…..its….its…..its…


Mist: hang on, there’s bad ping here. We should leave the dojo. Sorry, maybe next time?


[leaving dojo]


[Warframe has Crahsed]

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Mist       male      Rhino

In the Battle RAM dojo




Mist: I know what you are. You will not deceive me, and I will defeat you. Are you listening to me? I will get results just as I have from many before you. I always get results. You will whimper in pain and I will enjoy collecting all the data I need. You will be mine.


[Mist stares at the Vaykore Marelok on the lab table in the Grineer lab.]


[Mist uses complex tools and equipment to operate on the handgun, machinery that seems overkill.]


Mist: you will know pain, and I will get what I’m looking for.


[Mist attempts to use tools to remove some of the bolts, but they are sealed with some strange energy.]


Mist: feisty, I see. [grabs a 10 medium cutter] no matter. [makes an incision. Energy leaks out onto Mists diamond skin.] you think that’s enough to sto-[the Vaykor leaks out a huge quantity of energy, disabling the diamond skin on Mist’s Rhino.] DAMMIT!


[someone comes in]


Adder: why is it we hear you from across the hall?


Mist: Adder! [sees Adder coming towards him] stay back.


Adder: Mist, what is it this time that would require you to use the Diamond Skin Rhino?


Mist: remember that Marelok incident?


Adder: you don’t mean?


Mist: well this time, I brought the Vaykor Marelok int-




[Fauna and Javona walk in]


Fauna: what the hell is up with you guys? You know I don’t like loud noises unless im the one making them.


Javona: [sighs] but seriously wh-


Adder: this colossal fool brought the Vaykor into the dojo.


Fauna: WHAT!? REALLY!?


Javona: ehh, what?


Adder: do you not know why this is a problem?


Fauna: Problem? This is the most awesome thing Mist has ever done! and everything he does is terrible!


Mist: I take offense to that.


Javona: well you do a lot of terrible things.


Mist: tactical things, I know its confusing for you Javona, given that they both start with the letter “T”


Javona: shut up, Mist!


Fauna: what have you learned about the new Marelok, Mist!?


Mist: I learned that it’s a tough one, that’s for sure. Nothing beyond that yet.


Adder: clan leader Fauna, have you completely forgotten what happened with the regular Marelok!?


Fauna: oh I remember, I remember the seductive power of a single bullet from that thing.


Javona: I’m confused here. What’s the big deal?


Adder: have you not learned of the Marelok?


Javona: umm, no. when did this whole Marelok thing happen?


Mist: Javona wasn’t with us at the time, Adder.


Fauna: yeah, she missed out on sheer awesomeness!


Adder: Fauna….


Javona: okay then! What is a Marelok?


Mist: it’s a powerful Grineer handgun. Probably the most powerful. No one truly understands its morbid nature, not even the Grineer. That’s how dangerously powerful it is.


Fauna: if something’s dangerous, then it must be dangerous for the enemy as well. and the Marelok is beyond dangerous.


Adder: [sighs]


Javona: so, the incident?


Mist: I test fired it in a shooting gallery and caused a huge hole that blew through the dojo.


Fauna: I feel feely things just remembering that awesome moment.


Javona: you’re gonna make me puke inside my suit.


Adder: all the more reason that we question why you have a Vaykor Marelok, Mist!


Mist: I will not be defeated by this again. As a Suda follower, I WILL learn the ways of the Marelok. I will break it, study it, and dominate it!


Javona: when I used to say you’re mad. I was joking. But now…


Adder: Mist, we implore that you rid the dojo of that thing once and for all. Cast it into the void.


Mist: the void!? Are you crazy!? You know what would happen to its properties if that were to happen!?


Adder: we don’t know! Just get rid of it asap! We hear things about the Vaykor. Some say it is so powerful that it’s self-aware.


Javona: so its sentient? That scares me. we have to destroy it, Mist!


Mist: I refuse, I will defeat it even if its sentient!


Vaykore Marelok: you do realize that the Sentients had won, right?


Everyone: [sCREAMS]

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