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Warframe's Factions


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The Grineer serve as the games main antagonists, they are an empire of militaristic fascists that dominate the solar system with their overwhelming brutal armies. Rather than using superior soldiers, The Grineer instead use massive clone armies to effectively overwhelm even the most tenacious foe, their soldiers are sometimes supported by various heavy troopers or specialized units.

-I like it!


The Corpus is a trade corporation who control most, if not all of the trade routes across and throughout the solar system. They gained all of their technological advancements from reverse engineering artifacts from the Orokin era.

-I like it!


The final factions in the Warframe universe are the victims of the Technocyte plague.  Much Like the Grineer these victims rely on their strength of numbers to win in battle, unlike the Grineer however, the Technocyte victims have been twisted  into monstrous shapes and lack any means of engaging in significant ranged combat.

- :( WTF?????!?!?!?! is this ....  where is the blood? The gore? They look very out of place in this game,What are they Zombies, Aliens? I think this faction shood be replaced by a good looking and more gore faction like a xenomorph type of alien.

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