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Status Proc Dps & Chance



Hello :)


Last night, I start theorycrafting this game that I discovered not so long ago.

I only deal (yet) with the primary weapon, but with every test I did (mostly on infected), everything was working perfectly (the damage in F29-G29 was the same as the in-game damages).

Then, I had a little problem (well, two, actually):


1) Status DoT damage

This wasn't really obvious for me, so I start to look at the wiki to see if someone already write something about that, and, surprise!

"Bleed: a DoT that inflicts 35% of your weapon or power's base damage per tick"

Now, my problem is that I try with the Kronen (65 base damage), the Orthos (50), the Pangolin Sword (I love the name) and his 37.1 base dmg, and finally the Latron Prime (85).

So, 22.75, 17.5, 12.985 and 29.75 respectively.

Everything I seen so far have been rounded up, so, it should be, 23, 18 and 13 and 30.

However, it's 22, 17, 12 and 29. Two solutions: 1) it's 33.5% and not 35%? -- 2) this time, it's troncated and not rounded?

Well, that is not really a problem in fact, just weird ; the following is more important.


1') Status DoT damage, resistances

"is not affected by armor or enemy resistances."

My awazing Pangolin Sword have 37.1 base dmg, which is in this case 12 for the Slash DoT tick dmg.

But, sometimes, the DoT tick at 14, or 2 on an MOA Eximus, or 25 on whatever.

This is a bit weird, because, I tryed on other things, and yes, I'm also think that the enemy resist doesn't work, but, why, sometimes, the damage vary? Thanks :).


2) Status Chance

"Elemental damage procs seem to have a lower chance of occurring compared to physical damage procs."Well, at this point, it's not even 'seem'. With a 20% status chance weapon which have more toxic damage than anything else, I barely see this proc once every 100 shots.

If someone have any definitive information, I'll be grateful ; thanks =).


Bonus) Why so weak?! oO

I mean, seriouosly, with 10k-ish DPS weapon, why are the status DPS proc so low?


Anyway, sorry for the big question ; I hope there is some theorycrafters out there with the same problems :p

I don't know if there is any other sheet somewhere else, but except this status thing (well, status DPS proc seem to deal almost no DPS anyway...) and an armor problem (which is not totally a problem, when it's about comparing theorical builds), I think it's work fine ; so if you wan't to use it ^^.

Or if I made a mistake somewhere, don't hesitate please :).


Thanks in advance, byebye.



(IG: Nephtyis)

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1') Enemy body part mofdifiers still apply. So hitting a Moa on the battery pack would double the damage. Actually it might just quadruple it, as IIRC DoT's gain the headshot modifier twice.


2) Proc type is determined by damage %, with the caveat that physical procs (when present on a weapon) must equal at least 50% of all the procs. So 50% are physical, split by damage%, and 50% are elemental, when using more than +100% elementals in total.


Bonus) Proc damage is based off of base damage, so they gain no benefit from adding more elemental damage (other than changing the type of proc chance, etc). So your 10k DPS weapon probably has in the neighbourhood of +270-300% added elementals that aren't relevant to proc damage. In other words, 3/4 of your DPS is irrelevant to proc damage.


Quizel has a great spreadsheet setup here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/261845-dps-spreadsheet-found-here-includes-procs-and-armor-scaling/#entry3043420


And a quick look at the spreadsheet; Critical Headshots deal 4x damage. 

Mod Ranks should be 0-5 not 1-6; ah I see but thats confusing people aren't gonna add R11 serration on there :S.

Why \| instead of D?

Assuming armor's not implemented yet the DPS is what, the sustained? Might consider another column for burst, just dmg/shot*RoF.


*Doh*. Lock the sheet, think I was changing values in realtime >.< My bad.


Edit: If you're looking for something more simple to get you started with armor calcs, this is the spreadsheet I often use: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2991905/Warframe/Armor%20Scaling.xlsx

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I'm interested in how status procs are calculated after all. My Paris Prime has a status chance of 50.4%...but I rarely see gas explosions....

However, I need to consider that there's also three other procs calculated, Pierce, Slash, and Impact (and also the random Cold I threw in there at one point, might return it because this corrupted shot mod is making it immensely hard for me to snipe at 75m)...Sadly I've only been running Kappa at most these days and..well...Critting 115k with a Paris headshot is too much overkill for any procs to even tick so......hm.

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I'm interested in how status procs are calculated after all. My Paris Prime has a status chance of 50.4%...but I rarely see gas explosions....

Your Paris Prime has a 50.4% chance to get at least one proc, as an average calculated with 90% multishot. If you take off MS, you'll see a ~31% chance to proc per arrow. Because the first arrow is likely killing the enemy, the second arrow is just hitting a dead body and cannot proc.


Further, 50% of that 30% is going to be physical. So you'll see around 15.5% elemental procs, split by damage% between cold and gas.

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Hello, and thank for your answer :).


1') Oh, ok, thanks, that's explains a lot!


2) 50% elemental / 50% physical proc was my first thought, but damn, I must be really unlucky. I'll perform more test to check this, thanks for the info.


Bonus) That's weird, I try upping the base dmg of my weapon, with Pression Point or something, and didn't notice any difference in the proc damage. Or maybe I was dumb, or tired, and I tryed with a 90% slash dmg or something ; well, that seems more rationnal, thanks ; I was stuck with the idea of 10k+ DPS weap and 25 dmg tick proc :p


A critical headshot deal 4 times more damages than a normal critical shot? I thought it was only the red crit (2*2)? Thanks, I'll recheck that.


Well, it was mostly for me+friends, and dealing with a non-numeral symbol, like "-" or anything was boring, so consider 0 as no mode, and anything above as equipped. Yes, it's probably not really natural ; I'll change that when the sheet will be complete :).

Well, this symbol doesn't look like anything to me anyway, but more "\|" than "D" ; it's only a small reminder anyway, it doesn't interact with anything :).


Technicaly, the armor is implented, no very well, yet: if I change the armor, the digits will change :p

But yes, it's the sustained DPS, because to me it's the most important thing ; but yes, a burst DPS could be cool to know too, I'll add it, thanks!


I unlock it to make things easier to check for you guys, I back-up it anyway, don't worry :)


Thanks for your detailed answer, and for the two links ; I'll have a look at their work :).




I patch a few thing, I'll do the big part tonight^^

But I was thinking, did you know if there is an ICD in the status proc chance? or if, let's say, a weap fire 100 RoF and 100% status will really proc 100 times in 1 sec? Thanks :).

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